Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great 7 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website - Explanations in Great Detail

How To Get More Traffic To Your Website - 7 Different Ways Explained In Great Detail

Generating high quality targeted traffic to your website that converts is really a very hard, tiring, and most time consuming task. I have experienced this myself but don't worry because here, I am going to mention and explain 7 of the best methods which can really boost your traffic to seventh sky:

1.Use Yahoo Answers

Millions of people around the globe uses yahoo answers to solve there daily problems and queries. You can easily turn yahoo answers users to go check out your website.


99% of the yahoo answers users visit the site because they are searching for information they need. There are high chances that if you leave your website’s URL in your answer, it will get clicked. For this reason, it is very important to post on the answers which are related to your website’s niche. You can even create multiple yahoo accounts with different IPs and can ask question yourself, answer on your own by using another account with your website’s URL as a source, in order to receive high traffic; choose your answer as a best answer. Hence, in this way you can get high targeted traffic to your website which has the actual tendency to convert in sales or clicks.

2.YouTube For Web Traffic

From all over the globe, YouTube visits fall into millions of hits per day. You can actually make a video related to your website, then put them in your youtube channel with selected keywords. Don’t forget to watermark your video with your website’s URL. Add your website’s URL in description box too. Suppose if your website receives 5000 hits in a week, then it’s more likely that you’ll receive minimum of 1000 hits from that video.

3. Using Hubpages to get more traffic.

Hubpages is a website where anyone can make money and generate traffic. As if you did not know this information you are reading here(also called a hub) is on the Hubpages platform. Most of my writing is done using this great system to generate good honest traffic. Sign up is free and there is no limit on the amount of ideas you can write about that will attract your future prospects.

besides making hubs you will probably also enjoy the forums and find shared tips, tactics and other type of of help among successful hubbers (a person who makes hubs) to make a super trafficked hub. It's one of the most rewarding site I have ever encountered in my years as internet marketer.

4. Directing Web Traffic To Your Site Using Squidoo

Squidoo is a free platform which can be used by all internet users to publish anything online. It can also be considered as a social networking site. A page created on Squidoo is called a lens. A lens is actually an information portal about some topic. You can create any number of Squidoo lenses. Squidoo is a high traffic website and is among the top 700 sites in the world. A lens created on Squidoo has a very high chance of getting indexed in the search engines. Your Squidoo lens should contain a link to your main website. The idea is to drive traffic to your Squidoo lens and redirect the traffic to your main website.

Squidoo lenses are very user-friendly and easy to build. A Squidoo lens can be used as a blog. The advantage of a lens is that it is automatically integrated with Web 2.0 features like RSS, Tag and Ping and social bookmarking features like and Digg.

The following steps may be followed to drive traffic using a Squidoo lens:

1. You must put your main targeted keyword in the title of your Squidoo lens. As a lens is treated as a webpage, putting the keyword in the title will help it to rank in the search engines.

2. Choose an URL for your Squidoo lens. The URL should contain your primary keyword. It will also help your lens to rank in the search engine results.

3. Search for relevant long tail keywords and 'Tag' your lens with these keywords.

4. When you start building your lens, choose the 'RSS Module'. This will add a RSS feed to your lens and make the lens popular with the search engines.

5. Try to update your lens several times a week. The best thing would be to add new content to it. Alternatively, you may make small changes here and there and click 'publish'.

6. Search for 'Long Tail Keywords' in your niche and build a number of lenses based on these keywords. Link your related lenses together. This will drive a lot of traffic to your lenses.

7. Visit relevant lenses of other lens masters and comment on their guest books. This will get you one way links and generate traffic.

8. To get your lens high on the Squidoo charts, try to get 'Star Ratings' by other members. You may join the forums within the Squidoo website and do some forum marketing. Another way is to join different lens-groups which are relevant to your niche and become active there.

5. Forum Posting

Visit forum which is related to your website. Create an account on it and start posting quality post. Ensure that your post should be enough attractive for buyers so that your post can encourage them to click on your signature link which is actually your website’s URL.

6. Blog Commenting

It is the most common way to get traffic as well as quality back link. It includes, leaving comment on somebody else’s blog with your website URL with selected anchor text or keywords.

7. Article Submissions

Article Submissions to this day is still active and one of the best ways to get online targeted traffic. There will be many sites that will let you place your articles for free. Some of the best sites that Google loves are,,, among many others. Original content is very much appreciated by these sites, so it counts to make your article stand out from the others.

Are you good at writing content that people find informative and interesting? Spinning your articles, and submitting them to various types sites to get the most traffic for your work is an excellent idea.

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