Thursday, December 25, 2014

Eight Things You Should Avoid When Visiting Walt Disney World For The First Time

Walt Disney World is an immensely popular vacation resort. It is both magical and overwhelming for many first-time guests. However, people new to Walt Disney World may make a few mistakes that they shouldn't do. Here are eight of them:

1. Arrive whenever we feel like it: Many new guests think that they can spend two hours in the park and arrive at 11 AM. In reality, Disney World is best visited when it is just opened. This allows us to get on the popular rides without waiting in long queues. We will also be able to leave the park when it already becomes quite crowded in the afternoon.

2. Try to do everything in one visit: In fact, the park is twice bigger than the island of Manhattan. There are two large water parks, four separate theme parks, as well as countless dining, shopping and sporting options. It is clearly not possible to enjoy all of them only in one day. In fact, the Disney World is designed so that we will come back. We should consider the stamina and age of everyone in the team. Smaller children and seniors could get tired after 5-6 hours of non-stop activities in the park. In this case, we should study the park in advance and prioritize on one area of the park.

3. Make it an entirely parent-focused trip: Although parents plan the trip to the park for their children, they don't consult the very individuals they want to entertain. Parents should make sure that children will get excited about this trip. Involving them in the planning can prevent temper tantrums and make the entire trip more enjoyable.

4. Stay at wrong locations: Many people decide to stay on the eastern parts of Orlando to get more affordable hotels. However, this could put us at the farthest distance from the park. By staying in the wrong areas, we would need to tackle with rush hour traffic in Orlando. Obviously, we want to spend most of our time in the park, not on the road.

5. Eat only fast food: The World Disney Park is more than just about fast food. It is a location with wonderful culinary delights. We could an array of wonderful dining choices, with quality and variety increase progressively each year. We could read reviews on places we should visit and dine.

6. Keep the family together all the time: In a family trip, it may sound rather counter-intuitive to split up. But splitting the group into smaller teams could ensure that everyone has the best time in the park. The Disney World is just too big to be visited in a single day. Some families spend 3 or 4 days to explore the park, but we may not have the same opportunity to do that. Girls and mom could go to Princess-themed areas, while boys and dad could go to action-packed attractions. But it is important to regularly communicate using mobile phone and specify areas where the family would gather at the end of the trip.

7. Give our children phobias: Not all children are happy to meet Mickey and Donald. Some of them could find these characters intimidating and rather scary. Parents shouldn't force children to take pictures with these characters when they are afraid. Nervous children could find the park less enjoyable, because they fear the prospect of meeting with these cartoon characters again in the exit gates. Fear of clown and other supposedly funny characters is real; so parents should consider the well-being of their children.

8. Ask everyone to join all rides: In reality, not all rides in the Disney World are appropriate for all ages. The park also has areas with rather scary atmospheres as well. For this reason, we shouldn't force frightened children to go to the Haunted Mansion or Tower of Terror. Some of the rides are more appropriate for older children.

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