Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ronda Rousey Awesome Cable Training Gif

Ronda Rousey cable training.  She is a tough girl fighter, olimpic medalist in her discipline of Judo.  Now competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Strikeforce making history in women mixed martial arts.  She is a Bantamweight Champion.  Defeated Miesha Tate for the title shot and won.  She is skilled with submission move.  signature move is armbar.  She made reference to watching Dragon Ball Z.  hahaha! She is already got the yellow hair, so she is already a super sayan.  haha!  Lovely, and very pretty too.  One reason to watch the UFC.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Laughter Therapy for Wellbeing and Fitness

Laughing as a therapy has an amazing impact on person’s wellbeing and fitness. Laughing is considered the excellent medicine with proven results and prolongs your life. The results are very positive and pleasing that can be examined when you had a nice laugh with your family members or friends circle. Happy chemical is released through hormones all over the human body that relaxes you and gives you thriving energy and motivation. It also aids in burning your calories and tone our body muscles.

Different researches claim that laughter has numerous advantages over the human body. It helps in dealing with mental strain, anxiety and other depressions quite effectively; this is because laughter decreases the strain generating hormones in human body. Laughter comes with no price tag or inventory; its free that can easily reduce daily pressures and stresses that is deposited in our body over some span of time. Laughter is a perfect way to purify your heart and mind from all the worries, pains and most importantly from negative thoughts.

Laughter not only averts pessimism in life but is very effective in reducing body mass as well. It moves the body diaphragm muscles that are good for health and if you laugh 100 times for about 10 minutes then the results are equal to some arduous exercises. People having sagging abdomens can take benefit of laughing, as it helps in toning their abdomen muscles. It also saves time and money for those who are busy enough and can’t go to health clubs or gyms. Laughter is highly beneficial for heart as it gives cardiovascular exercise that prevents soaring blood pressure and other problems.

Laughter therapy is used in yoga exercises and studies have revealed that it has sound results on human mind and body. It elevates the spiritual wellbeing of a person as well and it aids in reunion with the inner self and avert all sorts of negative emotions such as hatred, jealousy and anger.

If laughter is practiced in daily routine then it surely strengthen your immune system to fight against all odds, you will have healthy long life and you won’t be taking problems on nerves. Try to watch lighter aspects of life instead of its tough and gloomy side. So don’t hesitate and have a good laugh everyday and keep on passing your positive vibes to everyone around you so that they can also take benefit from it.

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Rewards of Walking | Getting In Stride: The Biomechanics Of Walking

Walk is considered one of the most convenient and simple ways of workout today. Often people don’t realize that how much they walk at their work place, home or in the market. As a result they never calculate that how many calories they have burned throughout the day by means of walking. Steps can be counted if pedometer is used, otherwise you can’t measure it easily. However, walk plays a vital role in our well-being and overall health no matter what task we you are performing.

Walk has its own significance among other exercises; it not only keeps you in a good shape but also prolongs your life. It strengthens the bones and the muscles and thus reduces the major issues with joints and lower back when one gets old. Walk should be carried out not only the working hours but also for the sake of enjoyment. It alleviates you from day to day stresses and depressions and gives you the essential vigor to move ahead in life. A research was also conducted between two groups of people; one who walk and second one who don’t walk in New York, USA. In total 110,000 people who were ill were selected and the results were shown after one month. The results were really interesting as 41% of the non-walkers expired and 23% of the waking people kept alive. Physical activities of different sorts were utilized in the study in which 57% of the immobile persons expired while 16% of the moving persons kept alive.

Walk itself is the best workout for the whole body as activates the muscular movement of different body parts, such as legs, hip and foot muscles. Muscles of the abs contract and hold up their weight where as the muscles of the rib and diaphragm augment their function. The muscles of the shoulders and arms activate instantly during walk, while the neck and shoulders are exercised while keeping the head upright. At the end you may not even realize that you focus your eyes on the fitness schedule also.

Walking is not only meant for fitness, rather for fun also. When we walk our whole body is in motion, thus allowing the heart to circulate the blood to all parts of the body efficiently, making it much stronger. It averts the chances of diabetes and other potential heart diseases particularly in elderly people. Walk helps to buildup stamina and necessary strength to fight not only the physical diseases in human body but also wards off the mental pressures of life. It keeps you away from negativities of life and fills you with essential vitality. So keep your self active and hearty by walking everyday and feel the overwhelming difference it brings in your life.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Give Health and Fitness Gifts | Gift-giving Etiquette

Deciding and giving any sort of health and fitness gifts to your loved ones is bit difficult. If a wife gives a membership card of a health club to his husband because of his chubby abdomen then it might hurt his feelings. Although he may be aware of his unfit body but still will feel insulted and realize that his wife no longer finds him attractive. On the other hand, any fitness gift given to the wife will obviously have bad consequences at the start of the New Year.

Now the question arises that; does everyone find a fitness gift offensive? Surely not, because some of your family members and friends will welcome fitness certificate to a spa or any workout equipment gift given to them whole heartedly. Such gifts certainly are of great help for your loved ones to improve their health and life style. Most of us are fond of buying chocolates, high-calorie snacks and other beverages as gifts but we never think of buying something productive for our relatives like books on balanced diet, fitness therapies and so on. Generally, such health gifts are given sincerely with positive drive to others with no self-seeking intentions.

You have to be careful in picking up a health gift for your relatives, as some will accept and appreciate it heartily while others may feel offended and keep it to a storehouse. In your view they might be in need of such gifts but the point is whether or not they are going to utilize it. So instead of buying fitness gifts straight away try to take some hints from the conversations of your dear ones regarding fitness equipment and related stuff. You will be in the better position to decide after observing their feedback.

Getting the feedback regarding fitness gifts is not only an issue here, you have to also see that is the gift really suitable for the receiver’s health or not? You have to think carefully that the possible gifts like membership card of a gym, yoga ball or an exercise video will render positive results on the receiver or will cause damage? Often the aged people and the ones facing heath issues have to consult a physician prior starting any workout plan; therefore your gift should be safe and sound for their health. Never buy an advanced workout DVD for the one who has never tried to do exercise before, instead buy a workout DVD for beginners. You can also start accompanying your friend in workout classes to have a healthy body. It is also important that when you buy membership of a gym, spa or rest of the treatment sessions as a gift, confirm that the health facility is well suited in terms of distance and acquires relevant certification and licenses.

Research is vital in selecting a fitness gift. If a relative of your enjoy a particular sport then don’t rush to the sports shop and buy what you think is related. Surf on internet about the sporting items and question the staff members of the shop regarding the relevant items before buying them. It helps you to buy relevant and suitable gift and prevents buying any of the junk items for your loved one.

Every day market is loaded with the latest health and fitness gifts that one can not even imagine. Smart research can make wonders in selecting a unique yet useful gift that caters to the need of the receiver. Always keep a receipt of the gift item inside the gift wrap, so that the receiver may switch to a better option from the sports shop if he/she finds it insignificant.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Healthy Body - Vitality, Diet and Mental Fitness | Energy and Physical Body: Fitness, Nutrition, and Mental Health

Vitality, diet and mental fitness are interlinked in numerous ways and physicians of today are well aware of their importance. Though different studies have proven the relationship among these three that impact the overall health of human body; doctors still find it difficult to recommend something against their traditional courses of medicine.

Most probably the curriculum of all medical schools will get upgraded soon and few of them are in the process of revision. In the interim time, people and the patients need relevant knowledge to reap benefit from the medical care. This practical knowledge will surely help them to keep their body healthy by getting optimal recommendations from their physicians. Let’s suppose that a person is having a problem of a heart arrhythmia. A cardiologist firstly examines the patient with EKG and then patient is given strap up heart monitor for few weeks. After the results it is clear that there is no such problem with the patient. Later on the patient is asked to visit for routine checkups after some time or if the problem resumes. A knowledgeable patient must know that the heart arrhythmia can be uprooted not due to cardiac anomalies only but due to some other reasons as well.

General cause of heart arrhythmia is tension or strain. A patient can pursue a workout plan to counter mental tension effectively. Another option is to examine mental fitness and food intake of the patient. Any sort of dietetic deficiency in the patient can be checked by a blood test easily. To address mental tension a patient can ask the doctor to suggest a good specialist or therapist. Fine doctors never hesitate in recommending therapists, as the therapists are the ones who diagnose the root cause of the patient’s tension or strain.

The therapist will evaluate the level of tension a patient has with its core reasons. Some other signs of mental tension are checked in addition to the heart arrhythmia in the patient like whether or not the patient has constant depression, anxiety, suffers from insomnia, headaches or faster heart rates. After careful evaluation the therapist will devise a treatment program. This example makes you understand that how a human anatomy is affected by vitality, diet and mental fitness.

At the end these three areas will upshot human body either by revitalizing it or shrinking it down. There are many things involved in keeping up a healthy body and people should recognize this fact. Various diseases don’t just shoot-up suddenly, rather they take a long way to develop and spread into the body like cancer. Vitality, diet and mental fitness give essential power and strength to a human body to maintain its optimal level. The root cause of different diseases is the malfunctioning of the immune system in our body and when the human organs fail to fight back, wipe out or restore the human body to its actual state.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Optimal Way to Achieve Fitness | Best Way To Get Fit

Achieving a healthy anatomy involves a lot of things, and not essentially health club membership, or starvation plans. What you require is attitude change pertaining to tolerance and determination in achieving your goal and most important of all changing your lifestyle completely.

There is no shortcut to gain a good shape or physical fitness, that is why often people fail to adhere to their new year plans and pledges and get into crash diet plans to reduce extra mass from their body. People with chubby body notice that it requires lot of effort and time to get them back into a proper shape, but unluckily they fail to realize that it also took them a long time to get into a bad structure.

Today, the consumption of high calorie food coupled with the greater utilization of automated appliances and other equipment has liberated people from manual work at large. This convenience and facility has deteriorates the fitness day by day. One has to realize that the desk-bound jobs and other breather entertainment increase the chances of obesity and other fitness problems and thus requires a complete change of lifestyle.

Spending money is not the key in achieving a healthy body; it just pleases our self-esteem that we physically are working on our fitness. The solution lies not in books and buying out fitness equipment rather you have to be more vigorous and burn excessive calories that you consume. Try to employ full body of yours as that of your mind to get effective results.

Ask your self that whether your fitness commitment will remain constant or is likely to be reduced when the exercise equipment you are using will start deteriorating with time. Many people use different exercise methodologies and equipment in maintaining a healthy body like dance-mat etc, but fail to keep up their motivation level as the time goes by. Different gyms or clubs are well aware that not all of their members will be using the entire facility, if so then they will run out of admittance and space. Humans are programmed such way that do get attracted to latest and innovated things, but at the same time like to get pleasure from respite and tasty foods.

Because of this psychosomatic rationale; healthy and well-toned body needs determination, consistency, lifestyle alteration and tolerance. One can become fit by simply walking around market or neighborhood, climbing up and down the stairs and doing other physical activity instead of spending on workout machines, but one has to identity what suits him/her the best.

Once decided that you are going to keep your body fit and healthy then be clear in mind that what will suit and work for you. Always make wise decisions that whether a daily brisk walk will work for you or using of a treadmill will be a fun? Are you confident enough that a treadmill option will not be boring for you after some time? Is low-calorie ready to use food convenient for you or to cook a healthy meal is a better choice?

There are numerous ways to achieve a healthy body like some people make essential changes in their eating habits, few in their routine activities and some follow crash diet plans while others go for sturdy workouts. Analyze carefully and then decide that what will work the best for you that will deliver the anticipated results you wished for. There are no easy and quick remedies to your problem; therefore be firm and consistent to reach your goals. Start when you are completely ready mentally and gradually increase the pace of your fitness activity; surely you will get what you want with your strong willpower!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cycling for Strength, Vitality, and Fitness

Everyone longs for a healthy life and sets some goals to achieve the optimal fitness level by different means. We can walk, run, or swim to keep ourselves in good shape but there is no other sport more fun than cycling that helps to achieve our fitness goals more quickly.

Cycling or pedaling whatever you may name it, gives faster results than that of brisk walk and jogging. It has numerous advantages and prevents many diseases as well. Cycling averts potential threats of diabetes, soaring blood pressure problems and even tones your body by reducing unwanted fat in your body. It surely enhances a healthy lifestyle and prolongs the natural vigor of a person.

Many of the researchers have claimed that even a new cyclist or a biker can avert the threat of death up to 22 percent, because cycling essentially decreases various heart diseases. Cycling is just as an aerobic exercise and studies have shown that it renders the same results as that of 30 minutes exercise done every day for nearly 5 days in a week. Cycling is not only a delightful sport but also keeps you happy all day. It boosts up your self confidence and esteem, manages mood swings, reduces mental strains, sadness and nervousness and is also helpful in alleviating the premenstrual syndrome indication in females. You feel more energetic and satisfied after cycling than rest of the regular exercises.

Cycling is also beneficial in elevating strength levels. Some of the studies indicate that the injuries caused by the falling down in elderly people can be decreased reasonably at greater scale. This is because physical strength is improved with routine cycling exercise that helps to maintain the balance of the body, thus lowering the chances of falling. Moreover, it helps to condition mobility in both youngsters and elderly people because the leg muscles are more strengthened. The progress in mobility or walking around averts the possible threats of falls and you get fewer bone injuries and lesser chances of hip substitution surgeries. Lethargic moves and dormant habits can be reduced significantly with cycling as well.

There is no age limit pertaining to cycling, everyone can actively participate in it, even at a slower pace to begin with. It is recommended that all age groups should actively participate in cycling having varying heights, weights and health levels. However, it is important to consult a physician first if a person is suffering from particular heart or muscular illness. It is a known fact that cycling is such a sport or exercise that one can easily include in his/her daily routine. So get ready for cycling, not only to enjoy the natural scenery and cool breeze out there but also to uplift your fitness level and ward off all sorts of mental pressures.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Coherent Health Guidelines for Computer Users | 5 Commonsense Health Tips for Computer Geeks

Often the computer users or geeks work all day without paying attention to their deteriorating health. The health concerns can be severe if you are not taking proper care of your posture and eating habits. There are several ways that can improve your fitness while working on computer to avoid health related issues.

1. Take Frequent Breaks

Focusing on the computer monitor for hours can affect your eyesight, so try to take breaks for 5-10 minutes after every 1 hour or more. Back off the monitor and relax your self by gazing outside the window, sit or lay down in a comfy posture. Frequent breaks will surely avert the lower back pains and eye sprain. They will help you to regain the lost vigor by continuous work on computer.

2. Keep Nutritional Food in Reach

Craving on unhealthy snacks all the time like candy, chocolates and chips are not a good option if you are working all day on your computer. This kind of food stuff often raises sugar level in your body to the type-2 category of diabetes along with the increase in cholesterol levels, heart diseases and so on. Go for smarter options when you want to crave all day. Keep healthy fruits and raw vegetables in your reach while working. If you want to have main meals in a day then take salads and lean meats. Healthy food provides you with sufficient nutrition to keep your body fit to work.

3. Consume Water, not Carbonated Drinks

Don’t consume caffeine based beverages like coffee or other carbonated drinks to keep you awake all night as they can spoil your health. Consume more water than regular carbonated drinks and extra green tea instead of coffee. High sugar quantity is added in the carbonated drinks that can affect you badly, but if you find it difficult in restricting your self from such drinks then reduce the intake to a smaller can or a bottle in a day.

4. Observe Your Sitting Posture

Often the computer users or geeks experience severe posture problems when they have to sit and work on computer. There shoulders are drooped down with abnormal curved backs making them difficult to keep up their vigor. Try to sit on an exercise ball that will prevent bad postures as you have to continuously balance your sitting pose. You will not experience drooped or limpy postures.

5. Workout during the Day

Living a deskbound life as a computer user is bringing harm to your body. You are confined to your routine work and don’t give due attention to your health. Keep your self fit and toned by workout during the day. Stop working 1-2 times a day and set out for a long walk or jogging of 20 minutes or so. Carry some weights at your work place or just omit the work for 5-minutes to relax your back.

To work all through the day in front of computer is not bad if you pay due consideration to your health. You have to make correct choices and decisions all day long regarding your daily diet, workout and working environment. By doing this you won’t be confronting any sort of health issues because of your deskbound lifestyle.