Saturday, February 9, 2013

Laughter Therapy for Wellbeing and Fitness

Laughing as a therapy has an amazing impact on person’s wellbeing and fitness. Laughing is considered the excellent medicine with proven results and prolongs your life. The results are very positive and pleasing that can be examined when you had a nice laugh with your family members or friends circle. Happy chemical is released through hormones all over the human body that relaxes you and gives you thriving energy and motivation. It also aids in burning your calories and tone our body muscles.

Different researches claim that laughter has numerous advantages over the human body. It helps in dealing with mental strain, anxiety and other depressions quite effectively; this is because laughter decreases the strain generating hormones in human body. Laughter comes with no price tag or inventory; its free that can easily reduce daily pressures and stresses that is deposited in our body over some span of time. Laughter is a perfect way to purify your heart and mind from all the worries, pains and most importantly from negative thoughts.

Laughter not only averts pessimism in life but is very effective in reducing body mass as well. It moves the body diaphragm muscles that are good for health and if you laugh 100 times for about 10 minutes then the results are equal to some arduous exercises. People having sagging abdomens can take benefit of laughing, as it helps in toning their abdomen muscles. It also saves time and money for those who are busy enough and can’t go to health clubs or gyms. Laughter is highly beneficial for heart as it gives cardiovascular exercise that prevents soaring blood pressure and other problems.

Laughter therapy is used in yoga exercises and studies have revealed that it has sound results on human mind and body. It elevates the spiritual wellbeing of a person as well and it aids in reunion with the inner self and avert all sorts of negative emotions such as hatred, jealousy and anger.

If laughter is practiced in daily routine then it surely strengthen your immune system to fight against all odds, you will have healthy long life and you won’t be taking problems on nerves. Try to watch lighter aspects of life instead of its tough and gloomy side. So don’t hesitate and have a good laugh everyday and keep on passing your positive vibes to everyone around you so that they can also take benefit from it.

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