Friday, February 1, 2013

Coherent Health Guidelines for Computer Users | 5 Commonsense Health Tips for Computer Geeks

Often the computer users or geeks work all day without paying attention to their deteriorating health. The health concerns can be severe if you are not taking proper care of your posture and eating habits. There are several ways that can improve your fitness while working on computer to avoid health related issues.

1. Take Frequent Breaks

Focusing on the computer monitor for hours can affect your eyesight, so try to take breaks for 5-10 minutes after every 1 hour or more. Back off the monitor and relax your self by gazing outside the window, sit or lay down in a comfy posture. Frequent breaks will surely avert the lower back pains and eye sprain. They will help you to regain the lost vigor by continuous work on computer.

2. Keep Nutritional Food in Reach

Craving on unhealthy snacks all the time like candy, chocolates and chips are not a good option if you are working all day on your computer. This kind of food stuff often raises sugar level in your body to the type-2 category of diabetes along with the increase in cholesterol levels, heart diseases and so on. Go for smarter options when you want to crave all day. Keep healthy fruits and raw vegetables in your reach while working. If you want to have main meals in a day then take salads and lean meats. Healthy food provides you with sufficient nutrition to keep your body fit to work.

3. Consume Water, not Carbonated Drinks

Don’t consume caffeine based beverages like coffee or other carbonated drinks to keep you awake all night as they can spoil your health. Consume more water than regular carbonated drinks and extra green tea instead of coffee. High sugar quantity is added in the carbonated drinks that can affect you badly, but if you find it difficult in restricting your self from such drinks then reduce the intake to a smaller can or a bottle in a day.

4. Observe Your Sitting Posture

Often the computer users or geeks experience severe posture problems when they have to sit and work on computer. There shoulders are drooped down with abnormal curved backs making them difficult to keep up their vigor. Try to sit on an exercise ball that will prevent bad postures as you have to continuously balance your sitting pose. You will not experience drooped or limpy postures.

5. Workout during the Day

Living a deskbound life as a computer user is bringing harm to your body. You are confined to your routine work and don’t give due attention to your health. Keep your self fit and toned by workout during the day. Stop working 1-2 times a day and set out for a long walk or jogging of 20 minutes or so. Carry some weights at your work place or just omit the work for 5-minutes to relax your back.

To work all through the day in front of computer is not bad if you pay due consideration to your health. You have to make correct choices and decisions all day long regarding your daily diet, workout and working environment. By doing this you won’t be confronting any sort of health issues because of your deskbound lifestyle.

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