Friday, February 8, 2013

The Rewards of Walking | Getting In Stride: The Biomechanics Of Walking

Walk is considered one of the most convenient and simple ways of workout today. Often people don’t realize that how much they walk at their work place, home or in the market. As a result they never calculate that how many calories they have burned throughout the day by means of walking. Steps can be counted if pedometer is used, otherwise you can’t measure it easily. However, walk plays a vital role in our well-being and overall health no matter what task we you are performing.

Walk has its own significance among other exercises; it not only keeps you in a good shape but also prolongs your life. It strengthens the bones and the muscles and thus reduces the major issues with joints and lower back when one gets old. Walk should be carried out not only the working hours but also for the sake of enjoyment. It alleviates you from day to day stresses and depressions and gives you the essential vigor to move ahead in life. A research was also conducted between two groups of people; one who walk and second one who don’t walk in New York, USA. In total 110,000 people who were ill were selected and the results were shown after one month. The results were really interesting as 41% of the non-walkers expired and 23% of the waking people kept alive. Physical activities of different sorts were utilized in the study in which 57% of the immobile persons expired while 16% of the moving persons kept alive.

Walk itself is the best workout for the whole body as activates the muscular movement of different body parts, such as legs, hip and foot muscles. Muscles of the abs contract and hold up their weight where as the muscles of the rib and diaphragm augment their function. The muscles of the shoulders and arms activate instantly during walk, while the neck and shoulders are exercised while keeping the head upright. At the end you may not even realize that you focus your eyes on the fitness schedule also.

Walking is not only meant for fitness, rather for fun also. When we walk our whole body is in motion, thus allowing the heart to circulate the blood to all parts of the body efficiently, making it much stronger. It averts the chances of diabetes and other potential heart diseases particularly in elderly people. Walk helps to buildup stamina and necessary strength to fight not only the physical diseases in human body but also wards off the mental pressures of life. It keeps you away from negativities of life and fills you with essential vitality. So keep your self active and hearty by walking everyday and feel the overwhelming difference it brings in your life.

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