Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to Give Health and Fitness Gifts | Gift-giving Etiquette

Deciding and giving any sort of health and fitness gifts to your loved ones is bit difficult. If a wife gives a membership card of a health club to his husband because of his chubby abdomen then it might hurt his feelings. Although he may be aware of his unfit body but still will feel insulted and realize that his wife no longer finds him attractive. On the other hand, any fitness gift given to the wife will obviously have bad consequences at the start of the New Year.

Now the question arises that; does everyone find a fitness gift offensive? Surely not, because some of your family members and friends will welcome fitness certificate to a spa or any workout equipment gift given to them whole heartedly. Such gifts certainly are of great help for your loved ones to improve their health and life style. Most of us are fond of buying chocolates, high-calorie snacks and other beverages as gifts but we never think of buying something productive for our relatives like books on balanced diet, fitness therapies and so on. Generally, such health gifts are given sincerely with positive drive to others with no self-seeking intentions.

You have to be careful in picking up a health gift for your relatives, as some will accept and appreciate it heartily while others may feel offended and keep it to a storehouse. In your view they might be in need of such gifts but the point is whether or not they are going to utilize it. So instead of buying fitness gifts straight away try to take some hints from the conversations of your dear ones regarding fitness equipment and related stuff. You will be in the better position to decide after observing their feedback.

Getting the feedback regarding fitness gifts is not only an issue here, you have to also see that is the gift really suitable for the receiver’s health or not? You have to think carefully that the possible gifts like membership card of a gym, yoga ball or an exercise video will render positive results on the receiver or will cause damage? Often the aged people and the ones facing heath issues have to consult a physician prior starting any workout plan; therefore your gift should be safe and sound for their health. Never buy an advanced workout DVD for the one who has never tried to do exercise before, instead buy a workout DVD for beginners. You can also start accompanying your friend in workout classes to have a healthy body. It is also important that when you buy membership of a gym, spa or rest of the treatment sessions as a gift, confirm that the health facility is well suited in terms of distance and acquires relevant certification and licenses.

Research is vital in selecting a fitness gift. If a relative of your enjoy a particular sport then don’t rush to the sports shop and buy what you think is related. Surf on internet about the sporting items and question the staff members of the shop regarding the relevant items before buying them. It helps you to buy relevant and suitable gift and prevents buying any of the junk items for your loved one.

Every day market is loaded with the latest health and fitness gifts that one can not even imagine. Smart research can make wonders in selecting a unique yet useful gift that caters to the need of the receiver. Always keep a receipt of the gift item inside the gift wrap, so that the receiver may switch to a better option from the sports shop if he/she finds it insignificant.

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