Thursday, May 23, 2013

Treasure Island Map of Unknown World - Free Illustration Drawing

Here is a free image with love to anyone who might want to use it.  I created using Photoshop and Illustrator.    

X marks where the treasure is; Lets go look for it.. hahaha! I will probably do more drawings.  

Please keep a look on my other blog about Female Manga HERE.  Thanks :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Earn Money Playing at Kingdom Craze - Empires Of Arkeia

Nice mini game; very entertaining. I like the idea, still its not a new innovative one since there are a bunch of games similar to Empires of Arekia. Still, I think the developers should have a better job in the graphics, and controls. A 3 out of 5.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Fat Loss Factor - Does It Work?

For millions of people, losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges that can be faced. This is not because of willpower, but because most people simply do not know how to lose the fat and keep it off. To find the right program that deal with weight loss means having a simple, complete system that provides all the information needed for success.

The Fat Loss Factor is one weight loss program that actually provides a complete, down to earth method that is relatively simple to follow. The key to the approach of the Fat Loss Factor is combining different fat loss techniques into one program.


The Fat Loss Factor begins with the approach of detoxifying the body in order to set the foundation for permanent weight loss. The detoxification approach uses natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seed beans and the like to flush out the toxins so the body is now ready to lose the unwanted pounds.

Another part of this process is drinking more water. Most of us do not drink the recommended amount of water each day to start with. Water is analogous to motor oil in running a car’s engine. By drinking the recommended amount of water, you can keep your body’s systems running as smoothly as possible.

Eating Right

The Fat Loss Factor recommend 15 types of food that helps spark fat loss. These foods are readily available and easy to obtain. There are no “special” meals that you have to purchase as the Fat Loss Factor


The exercise program that is recommended by the Fat Loss Factor will start helping you lose the weight. The exercises vary between strength and interval training which helps shock the body into responding and tapping the fat cells for more energy.

The exercises included in the Fat Loss Factor are effective and relatively short in terms of the time needed to do them each day. The combined approach of detoxification, eating right, drinking enough water and proper exercise helps the body definitely generates proper weight loss when done correctly.

The Advantages of the Fat Loss Factor

There are a number of advantages that this product offers, especially to those who have tried and failed with other weight loss programs in the past.

Easy to Follow Format: The Fat Loss Factor is written in simple, straightforward language which is easy for anyone to follow. You can quickly see what needs to be done and start at your own pace to insure maximum success.

Great Support: Along with the easy reading come plenty of eBooks and videos which help explain the various concepts, exercises and other helpful information that makes the Fat Loss Factor a highly effective weight loss program.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee: So confident are the makers of the Fat Loss Factor that they promise your full money back in 60 days if you are not satisfied. This allows you enough time to start the program and see if it will work for you.

The Fat Loss Factor Advantage

This program really works because it combines all the elements necessary for effective weight loss. If you are serious about trimming down, losing the fat and weighing less, then The Fat Loss Factor is definitely for you.