Tuesday, February 4, 2014

7 Characteristics Of A Good And Favorable Blog Design

A good blog design is absolutely essential to attract people’s attention toward your blog. Let’s say that you have the best content in your niche, but the blog design that you are using still looks old and little bit ugly. Will you be able to attract people’s attention to read your blog content? Probably yes. But, you will attract even more attention if you are willing to upgrade your blog design into a more decent looking one. But, what constitutes a good blog design? There are opinions out there, but here are 7 characteristics of a good and favorable blog design:

 1. Clean And Simple

Uncluttered and simple web space will help your readers to feel good and comfortable with your blog. It doesn’t mean that you should delete all features of your blog for the sake of simplicity. It only means that you have to keep your blog free from unnecessary elements, while retaining its simplicity of use and clean looking content area within your blog.

2. Fast To Load

It is frustrating for your readers when they need to wait for too long for your blog to load. This will significantly increase your bounce rate. Thus, it will eventually decrease your blog traffic. So, be sure to minimize the appearance of ads, images, videos, sounds, flash, and JavaScript in your blog in order to make it fast loading and satisfying for your readers.

3. Adjusted To The Users

When choosing a blog design, be sure to think about your users. If your audience is mostly business people and professionals, then you should make your blog look professional. If your audience is mostly children and teens, then you should make your blog look fun and interesting. This is the way you adjust your blog design with your audience. In short, you have to make it relevant with your audience.

4. Adapted For Various Devices And Browsers

Remember that today, most people don’t access the internet only with their PC. They are accessing the internet with their mobile devices as well. Also, don’t forget that there are many available browsers out there, and people don’t only use one browser for accessing your blog. So, the point is that you need to adapt your blog design for various devices and browsers so that it won’t be a problem for your audience to read your blog through their mobile devices as well as their favorite browsers.

5. Visually Appealing

Visual appeal is increasingly becoming more important for any blog. Visually appealing blogs will usually get more traffic than less visually appealing blogs, and also, the readers of those visually appealing blogs will usually stay there longer. If you are hiring a blog designer, don’t forget to hire a graphic designer as well. Performance is important, but if you can make your blog visually appealing, you’ll be able to make it even better.

6. Consistency

It wouldn’t be good for your blog if you keep changing your blog design every week. Be consistent with your design. Choose the best for your blog, and then stick with it. Change your design only when it is really necessary to do so. You know, when you keep changing your blog design, your readers will eventually leave your blog. Also, search engines will gradually rank down your blog due to its inconsistent updates. 

7. Ad-Friendly

Having an ad-friendly blog design only means that your ads will not distract your visitors from reading your content comfortably. Remember that user experience is your true goal, and you have to make your readers feel satisfied with your blog if you want to make it a success. Obtrusive and annoying ads will only lower down their user experience. So, choose an ad-friendly blog design so that you can place your ads safely without scaring your visitors away.

So, are you ready to make your blog even more appealing for your readers? Study those characteristics and then apply them to your blog. You’ll then come with a blog that has a good design and high appeal for your audience. They’ll love it.

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