Monday, February 6, 2012

Freaky Steve Jobs Action Doll tragedy

You know that a shipment of bootleg Merck Steve Jobs would start in floods after his passing last year, blogs Gadget Lab. But if you were hoping to mark a realistic action Steve Jobs doll, you may be disappointed. The Telegraph reported that apple threatens to sue icons, society Chinese more strangely realistic head Steve Jobs the world action figure (via Techland). Steve Jobs of 12-inch figurine was expected to sell for $99 from February. The standard uniform: towers of glass, black Turtleneck Sweater, jeans and New Balance sneakers. The figurine was also announced to come with a background of "One more thing", so you can stage your own product mini launches. Freaky! / Awesome! Freaky! If the cease and desist letter is to be real and toy manufacturer following combination, written Ubergizmo, that you can expect the price of the Steve Jobs figures already available on eBay for sky rocket.

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