Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making Sense of Megaupload

It reads like the plot of a novel of espionage: the Government United States dropped a nuclear bomb on the site "cyberlocker" Megaupload, entering its domain names, hoarding of 50 million dollars in assets and obtain the New Zealand police in the arrest of the four employees of the site, including the enigmatic founder Kim Dotcom (via Ars Technica).Shotguns, a Rolls Royce Phantom and millions of dollars have been seized from Megaupload-related properties, the United States have requested the extradition of founding company of sharing of files The Guardianreports. This is a preview of what life would be like in the blogs of protection intellectual property Act (PIPA) of the Senate of the technology Liberation FrontUnited States. "PIPA supporters argued that fears of disruption of censorship and the Internet user are exaggerated and genuine objective of the Bill is to target shady"rogue"sites that trade in counterfeit and pirated goods downloads of videos." With Megaupload, we found just that the Federal Government believes are these rogue sites. "Um, right. During this time, the hacker group Anonymous staged one of its largest attacks ever yesterday in retaliation. Gawker has the details of the absurdly lavish of Kim Dotcom lifestyle, while Fast Company gives us an overview of his penchant for Playboy bunnies, Russian nuclear vessels and its war private on terrorism.
Meanwhile, Cnet was the testimony of YouTube of his illusions of grandeur. Everything you think about all of this, you cannot it!

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