Saturday, February 11, 2012

Party Blitz: Super Bowl entertaining tips

Celebration of holidays, or a simple dinner between friends, Remodelista, we love to throw a good party. Blend always interesting people, a large space and a few delicious treats makes for an exciting time. But when you add some aggressive sports game and energetic fans to the mix, well, this may be a greater challenge. Yes, "it is the season for the big game, the Super Bowl." But we say that the football parties do not have to turn on disorder and paper plates. Here are tips of a few bloggers, essentials and entertaining, to help you start a rally with style and ease of sport.
Round steady
To please the crowd, offer a mixture ranged from drinks, cocktails alcoholic Virgin mixers. The intention of Food52 is sure to quench the thirst of the amateur beer, while the last word cocktail on Poppytalk will keep guests talking between the pieces. Consider offering your most enthusiastic customers a glass of white wine - stains less!-in a glass of wine the break-resistant plastic. And make sure you have very practical Bottle Openers at any time.
Keep the Fed
With attention from customers on TV, bite are ideal for a part of the Super Bowl. Katy Elliott offers a delicious recipe for butternut squash Sage Pizza, and the meatballs shallot with soy ginger glaze of Smitten Kitchen are worthy of attention of half of the guests; consider pairing with Golden invite to 101 books of kitchen, which easily freeze if you have leftovers.
Intelligent storage
For hosting facility, we would like to keep the essential side: good music and service simple ware. Jam to your playlist on radio groovy during half-time. And keep well supplied bases: it is more economical - and effective time - buy a supply of versatile and durable plates, glasses and napkins to the rental.
Decor large hand
Since the Super Bowl celebrations tend to be casual, fun with a festive decoration. For the 2011 game, Camille Styles created mini football grounds by filling trays metal galvanized with wheatgrass and their filling with figures of football player. IKEA Hackers party balloon guard brings a colourful touch to the space, giving you the possibility to release all the balloons, if your favorite team wins.
Grace Under Pressure
Finally, have a few pieces of loans: the Emily Post blog says that it is essential to be prepared and flexible when entertaining, even if comes it unexpected guests. Having enough food and some easy extra seating options will ensure that everyone feels relaxed and welcome.

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