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Best in Blogs: spirit of the 1990s is alive at CES 2012. Plus: iPad 3 previews, Vatican cradles Wikipedia

Highlights of the week of 9-13 Jan 2012

The New York Times says glitzy Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, alias Cem, has lost its influence and is "probably not where are introduced 2012 blockbuster products. Kara Swisher, to all things d writes that at least "it better have the cool stuff at CES" because, according to a report electronic sales of consumers in this past the holiday season has dropped from 6% last year. So, which goes first to step up to the podium and save the world of gadget? Uh, wait, it must be a fault of printing - Microsoft? "Microsoft speech to the these tonight felt like a cruel joke," said Silicon filter. "In some respects, the speech felt like a huge average CES finger." It is almost as if Microsoft, who had already said that these did not entirely in his announcement rate more, wanted to drive this point home by announcing close to nothing... Hosted by Ryan Seacrest and CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, the speech was widely, especially because it was the last appearance of Microsoft on the opening scene for the next years. Judging by the performance of today, they do not miss. ... For about an hour and fifteen minutes, Microsoft essentially only we showed what it had already announced in 2011. »

A highlight was the return of a lost long gadgeteer, Nokia, including old timer remember had dominated the wireless before the market market really took momentum in the United States - in "days when cell phones were big as bricks," said Gadget Lab. Ballmer "pimped" the next Nokia Lumia 900, a phone with the Windows Phone OS, "the biggest secret unkept of CES," said VentureBeat. He "pointed out that the latest version of Windows Phone is simply better than any other platform" and said "Windows Phone is the first phone to put people first." Because, you know, other phones are not... for the people? In any event, hBallmer sheech to halfway they stop for a chorus of tweet. What? "It's right, choir tweet." "Who sang the tweets on the speech, they appeared," Business Insider explains, describing CES more strange keynote moment ever. "Nothing against performers or performers - they sound fine - but the lyrics could have used a little more thought.". Here, see for yourself. "Adds The Verge:"strange." So, so, so damned odd. "All about the strange".

But the 900 Lumia is so-called good stuff: "it is powerful, it is powerful, and frankly, it's damn good research," said Gadget Lab, which is also kind sufficient to ventilate the 12 best, a these gadgets we've seen so far, including a Swiss army knife with a hard disk SSD 1 terabyte drive.

Of course Apple does not, but show fans could see the highly anticipated iPad 3 "without knowing" If someone happens to carry one around, complete because it loosk virtually identical to the iPad 2, iLounge, explains: "I saw what is supposed to be the iPad generation.". I show you a picture, but there is honestly nothing to do. Think the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 s: this device looks like so in the iPad 2 that the differences are obvious only when they are placed next to each other. " Business Insider is agree that 3 is a double Visual for 2 and said that it should be available in March.

Name of Nokia is not only sound the phone market. It is also a passage high beyond tech, in the real world - the Academy Awards! THR reports that the Academy speaks to the owners of Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles may move prices, the KodakTheater in Hollywood. Film school rejects notes: "I remember when the Kodak prices [in 2001], with a lot of noise about how the theatre has been designed specially to host the show and that now it would be a home permanent." But Hollywood date deadline said: "Academy multiple sources say that they are not in their path Date limit to end the agreement for the Kodak...".All of this amounts to THR seeking to make new. "Really? Therefore ask if this news from THR (aka The Hollywood Reporter) is true: a report that shows an introduction on the stock exchange of Facebook may be the next California's economy gold rush. "In the coming months, State of the forecast revenues shall be adjusted slightly to take account of the possibility of hundreds of millions of dollars of additional revenue related to the introduction of Facebook stock," THR said an official report of the State - according to Bloomberg. OK, well source is probably strong.

Hey, it's all the rage to use information from other sources - ask at the Vatican. Notes of Diary of a Wimpy Catholic: "the Vatican finally gave Wikipedia its nihil obstat, imprimatur.". Provide the biographical material on 22 Cardinals elevated in consistory on Friday, he cut and pasted information from the online encyclopedia. In some cases, the reports, the Guardian to the United Kingdom Wiki entries took a tone "that does not match style of the Vatican". Willem Jacobus Eijik, Archbishop of Utrecht, Wiki says that his "tendency to conservatism, especially as regards abortion and homosexuality... has made him one of the most talked about on the religious men in the country." Hmm. "it goes without saying that this is rather unfortunate for the Holy seat to suggest that there is something"conservative"or remarkable on a Bishop which supports life and defends the family," said reluctant sinner has. Whoopsie - or say to the Latins, mea culpa.

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