Friday, February 24, 2012

Best in Blogs: sites Web of Paint it Black

Highlights of the week of January 16-20, 2012

If you suffered from numerous power outages this week, and you're not Linsday Lohan, who was the great failure of Web of 2012! Wikipedia and Reddit joined dozens of other sites who painted the black door to protest legislation (bills SOPA and PIPA) piracy could also limit the freedom online! Poynter quickly prepared a great Gallery of black pages. The Bills, which could become US law, address piracy off the coast making it potentially legal Government to close a U.S. site, if a part of it is related to a supposed illicit source of intellectual property protected. Tech Forbes makes an analogy between: "It would be a bit like requiring that the Manager of a flea market to close all of the market, because some of the merchants were selling counterfeit products".It's kind of a death penalty to Internet, Inc. privacy of CNET says in his useful FAQ. "This is bad", Gawker reported, while providing a solution to bypass to drag past blackwall Wednesday of Wikipedia in the case where you could not wait a day. "Internet - Yes, INTERNET together - is crazy of SOPA excessive Bill because by trying to destroy what they call considerably"rogue"Web sites." Some of its provisions, such as requiring the search engines such as Google to remove from the list of reputable foreign sites dedicated to piracy, sounds strangely something that China would. " Brain of pop Culture has offered an open letter opposing IPOs of artists such as Neil Gaiman and Trent Reznor. Flavorwire presented a heavily redacted version of the letter.

Some of the usual suspects were clear, his whereabouts. "January 18, 2012, will still be talked about for decades now," reported Torrentfreak, a blog dedicated to news about the BitTorrent software which are widely used to rip off films and music. But not everyone joined. Stephen Totilo, a honcho at Kotaku explained threat of IPOs in the industry of video game ("SOPA is disastrously vague in many respects"), but also why the big gamer blog dress Black Wednesday. Essentially: "I believe that it is our job to cover the protest movements, but not to be part of them."

Oatmeal went with a black background and a funny cartoon protest - which is not very different from that oatmeal on a regular day. Craigslist has not closed its lights fully but had a page of black landing with charges of clamminess businesses ("business those who finance, keep sweaty hands Internet!"). Web Pro News reported: "SOPA landing page displays to a minimum of 10 seconds, after which you can continue normal Craigslist site." You can then go to your normal purchase and sale of the day. "Take that, Commissioners. Including Google, Twitter, Facebook and the Huffington Post has no black out - interesting considering how their growth has been built on links to the outside. "Most of the sites did not even go that far down more or less than Wikipedia," said Open Source . "The most popular version appeared to be Google - black version to your logo or erect a splash screen which refers to opposition to the SOPA."

Of course, industry organizations, responsible for the prevention of piracy are not go quietly in the darkness. The Motion Picture Association of American called the power outages "Cascades punish their users," according to the deadline. Techdirt responds: "it is hilarious that we are talking here, the MPAA which is famous for having abused his powers...." The MPAA - as per usual, remains totally and completely your deaf to what was going on. "An exec of communications for the Recording Industry Association of American got charred by some when he tweeted" after Wikipedia blackrout, a student today is original research and get the facts directly. ". Gizmodo has been pretty steamed about it: "the thing on the point the most asinine we read all day." Way to trivialize completely a problem in which millions of people care passionately about. "Really! Blackrout? Have enough respect to spell right!

Do do protests accomplish anything? Maybe, kinda. Before Wednesday, has been done, the blog of the White House reported that "a petition asking President Obama veto to Stop (SOPA) online piracy Act had 51 689 signatures, while 52 096 people have signed the petition"Stop the E-PARSITE Act". TechCrunch reports that some of the authors of the SOA Bill were "abandonment of ship" (an another popular pastime lately). And not to be a good opportunity to pass the geekitude, Fred Benenson prepared an artsy-research Cytoscape spatial visualization of all the buzz Twitter on IPOs. We now return to your normal web programming.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Best in Blogs: spirit of the 1990s is alive at CES 2012. Plus: iPad 3 previews, Vatican cradles Wikipedia

Highlights of the week of 9-13 Jan 2012

The New York Times says glitzy Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas, alias Cem, has lost its influence and is "probably not where are introduced 2012 blockbuster products. Kara Swisher, to all things d writes that at least "it better have the cool stuff at CES" because, according to a report electronic sales of consumers in this past the holiday season has dropped from 6% last year. So, which goes first to step up to the podium and save the world of gadget? Uh, wait, it must be a fault of printing - Microsoft? "Microsoft speech to the these tonight felt like a cruel joke," said Silicon filter. "In some respects, the speech felt like a huge average CES finger." It is almost as if Microsoft, who had already said that these did not entirely in his announcement rate more, wanted to drive this point home by announcing close to nothing... Hosted by Ryan Seacrest and CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer, the speech was widely, especially because it was the last appearance of Microsoft on the opening scene for the next years. Judging by the performance of today, they do not miss. ... For about an hour and fifteen minutes, Microsoft essentially only we showed what it had already announced in 2011. »

A highlight was the return of a lost long gadgeteer, Nokia, including old timer remember had dominated the wireless before the market market really took momentum in the United States - in "days when cell phones were big as bricks," said Gadget Lab. Ballmer "pimped" the next Nokia Lumia 900, a phone with the Windows Phone OS, "the biggest secret unkept of CES," said VentureBeat. He "pointed out that the latest version of Windows Phone is simply better than any other platform" and said "Windows Phone is the first phone to put people first." Because, you know, other phones are not... for the people? In any event, hBallmer sheech to halfway they stop for a chorus of tweet. What? "It's right, choir tweet." "Who sang the tweets on the speech, they appeared," Business Insider explains, describing CES more strange keynote moment ever. "Nothing against performers or performers - they sound fine - but the lyrics could have used a little more thought.". Here, see for yourself. "Adds The Verge:"strange." So, so, so damned odd. "All about the strange".

But the 900 Lumia is so-called good stuff: "it is powerful, it is powerful, and frankly, it's damn good research," said Gadget Lab, which is also kind sufficient to ventilate the 12 best, a these gadgets we've seen so far, including a Swiss army knife with a hard disk SSD 1 terabyte drive.

Of course Apple does not, but show fans could see the highly anticipated iPad 3 "without knowing" If someone happens to carry one around, complete because it loosk virtually identical to the iPad 2, iLounge, explains: "I saw what is supposed to be the iPad generation.". I show you a picture, but there is honestly nothing to do. Think the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 s: this device looks like so in the iPad 2 that the differences are obvious only when they are placed next to each other. " Business Insider is agree that 3 is a double Visual for 2 and said that it should be available in March.

Name of Nokia is not only sound the phone market. It is also a passage high beyond tech, in the real world - the Academy Awards! THR reports that the Academy speaks to the owners of Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles may move prices, the KodakTheater in Hollywood. Film school rejects notes: "I remember when the Kodak prices [in 2001], with a lot of noise about how the theatre has been designed specially to host the show and that now it would be a home permanent." But Hollywood date deadline said: "Academy multiple sources say that they are not in their path Date limit to end the agreement for the Kodak...".All of this amounts to THR seeking to make new. "Really? Therefore ask if this news from THR (aka The Hollywood Reporter) is true: a report that shows an introduction on the stock exchange of Facebook may be the next California's economy gold rush. "In the coming months, State of the forecast revenues shall be adjusted slightly to take account of the possibility of hundreds of millions of dollars of additional revenue related to the introduction of Facebook stock," THR said an official report of the State - according to Bloomberg. OK, well source is probably strong.

Hey, it's all the rage to use information from other sources - ask at the Vatican. Notes of Diary of a Wimpy Catholic: "the Vatican finally gave Wikipedia its nihil obstat, imprimatur.". Provide the biographical material on 22 Cardinals elevated in consistory on Friday, he cut and pasted information from the online encyclopedia. In some cases, the reports, the Guardian to the United Kingdom Wiki entries took a tone "that does not match style of the Vatican". Willem Jacobus Eijik, Archbishop of Utrecht, Wiki says that his "tendency to conservatism, especially as regards abortion and homosexuality... has made him one of the most talked about on the religious men in the country." Hmm. "it goes without saying that this is rather unfortunate for the Holy seat to suggest that there is something"conservative"or remarkable on a Bishop which supports life and defends the family," said reluctant sinner has. Whoopsie - or say to the Latins, mea culpa.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making Sense of Megaupload

It reads like the plot of a novel of espionage: the Government United States dropped a nuclear bomb on the site "cyberlocker" Megaupload, entering its domain names, hoarding of 50 million dollars in assets and obtain the New Zealand police in the arrest of the four employees of the site, including the enigmatic founder Kim Dotcom (via Ars Technica).Shotguns, a Rolls Royce Phantom and millions of dollars have been seized from Megaupload-related properties, the United States have requested the extradition of founding company of sharing of files The Guardianreports. This is a preview of what life would be like in the blogs of protection intellectual property Act (PIPA) of the Senate of the technology Liberation FrontUnited States. "PIPA supporters argued that fears of disruption of censorship and the Internet user are exaggerated and genuine objective of the Bill is to target shady"rogue"sites that trade in counterfeit and pirated goods downloads of videos." With Megaupload, we found just that the Federal Government believes are these rogue sites. "Um, right. During this time, the hacker group Anonymous staged one of its largest attacks ever yesterday in retaliation. Gawker has the details of the absurdly lavish of Kim Dotcom lifestyle, while Fast Company gives us an overview of his penchant for Playboy bunnies, Russian nuclear vessels and its war private on terrorism.
Meanwhile, Cnet was the testimony of YouTube of his illusions of grandeur. Everything you think about all of this, you cannot it!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Best in Blogs: Google's Santorum problem, Google problem of Google and Apple Big Apple mystery

Highlights of the week of January 2-6, 2012

Google is in the press and blogs in 2012 fades fatally. To begin with, it is increasing candidate Rick Santorum, a traditional guy with a problem very modern. "As you probably know," says Dan Kennedy media Nation, "If you Google the word"santorum,"the first result will be an extremely offensive site created by gay activist Dan Savage, who met several years ago in the opposition is alarming graph of Rick Santorum to homosexuality." In fact, this is not always the first result of Google, but not even click on via the site special Googlers get to see R-rated new dictionary definition of Mr. Savage for the word santorum, as follows: "Santorum: 1 mixing sparkling lubrication and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex." 2 Senator Rick Santorum. "Was told many times, many ways: ouch. Web site Dissemination Santorum point of contact for the campaign of denigration, takes perverse glee documenting the neologism travel, including a new gathering of Buzzfeed calls 25 people who just googled Santorum for the first time, people whose Twitter reactions range from "OMG!" to "# ew.".

WebProNews observes that it is not only a problem of Google. Results of similar research come on Bing, AOL, Yahoo and much more. "I want to come, the guy still has a problem of Baidu." Conservative bloggers are crying scandal. Andrew Breitbart, big journalism, explains: "fundamentally, this Google campaign against Santorum was shelled in ' 03 to resemble a homophobic raging on a statement he made regarding same-sex marriage... Senator of former Pennsylvania, two mandatsQuelques hours after his impressive showing in Iowa, left openly media is already a problem out of it.", and they do it for a reason of loss, partisan and dishonest. "

This is a lesson for us all, in these digital days: If you set yourself, others will do it for you. "" Oddepia said Santorum"made its worst problem of Google" do not much to promote its Web presence legitimate: "site of the Santorum is not following SEO practices which recommend search engines." It literally play hide-and-seek with them. " Mashable usefully proposes"Six ways to fix the problem "really may serve someone in a situation where their name became mud.". " "You need to fight fire with fire", advises Mash. "Savage site went viral and you must respond in kind." Take all the buzz surrounding your application after Iowa and build a presence online that will extend your own site on the Internet. You're going to do to the site of non-viral Savage. »

Google treats its own problem of Google this week after this Book SEO called misadventure Orwellian company using paid links to promote to the rank of research of the Google Chrome browser, contrary to the rules of Google. "The fact that Google pays for this kind of misinformation on their browser is how to help small businesses is as BP buy ads on tourism in the Gulf." Search Engine Land figured out that the entrance to campaign for a marketing company named Unruly that Google has hired and he concluded: "Google to pay to produce much waste, the same type of waste by its Panda update intended to penalize. Quickly enough, Google has repented and punished himself: "Slap itself on the wrist, Google said it will downgrade its own download page for chromium in the research of the browser for two months," PaidContent reports.

While Google is in the corner, Apple is heading to the Big Apple this month for a mystery event products of unknown proportions. Ignorance, all things Dreports: "according to sources close to the situation, Apple provides an important event, but not on a large scale, to be held in New York later this month that will focus on an announcement related to the media." Not the iPad 3 or digital TV. But the media! It is nice and vague. "We suspect that it will be connected to iTunes or a kind of publishing contract," says Gizmodo. One thing we know from New York, is that this Friday they open you an Apple Store in Grand Central Station. The Next Web has a small gallery of photos of the scene and also notes, a report of the NY Post saying that Apple is paying $60 a square foot of store space "while other retailers are supposed to pay $200 for the same area." SlashGear reports that, Yes, there will be a next generation iPad 3, "" three to four months", date that the NYC event will surely be more." Tips for the Apple TV should surely heat in 2012. After that the Wall Street Journal reported the assault of TV planned to Apple, GigaOM , followed by a breakdown and analysis of the characteristics of this product may be entered, suggesting "Apple clearly has to do something or Google to escape with the Internet TV company". Of TechCrunch five predictions for online video in 2012 are very fragrant Apple. "Imagine an iPad beautiful large display on your wall", he imagines. That is a beautiful image to evoke, as the beginning of a promising year.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Party Blitz: Super Bowl entertaining tips

Celebration of holidays, or a simple dinner between friends, Remodelista, we love to throw a good party. Blend always interesting people, a large space and a few delicious treats makes for an exciting time. But when you add some aggressive sports game and energetic fans to the mix, well, this may be a greater challenge. Yes, "it is the season for the big game, the Super Bowl." But we say that the football parties do not have to turn on disorder and paper plates. Here are tips of a few bloggers, essentials and entertaining, to help you start a rally with style and ease of sport.
Round steady
To please the crowd, offer a mixture ranged from drinks, cocktails alcoholic Virgin mixers. The intention of Food52 is sure to quench the thirst of the amateur beer, while the last word cocktail on Poppytalk will keep guests talking between the pieces. Consider offering your most enthusiastic customers a glass of white wine - stains less!-in a glass of wine the break-resistant plastic. And make sure you have very practical Bottle Openers at any time.
Keep the Fed
With attention from customers on TV, bite are ideal for a part of the Super Bowl. Katy Elliott offers a delicious recipe for butternut squash Sage Pizza, and the meatballs shallot with soy ginger glaze of Smitten Kitchen are worthy of attention of half of the guests; consider pairing with Golden invite to 101 books of kitchen, which easily freeze if you have leftovers.
Intelligent storage
For hosting facility, we would like to keep the essential side: good music and service simple ware. Jam to your playlist on radio groovy during half-time. And keep well supplied bases: it is more economical - and effective time - buy a supply of versatile and durable plates, glasses and napkins to the rental.
Decor large hand
Since the Super Bowl celebrations tend to be casual, fun with a festive decoration. For the 2011 game, Camille Styles created mini football grounds by filling trays metal galvanized with wheatgrass and their filling with figures of football player. IKEA Hackers party balloon guard brings a colourful touch to the space, giving you the possibility to release all the balloons, if your favorite team wins.
Grace Under Pressure
Finally, have a few pieces of loans: the Emily Post blog says that it is essential to be prepared and flexible when entertaining, even if comes it unexpected guests. Having enough food and some easy extra seating options will ensure that everyone feels relaxed and welcome.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Freaky Steve Jobs Action Doll tragedy

You know that a shipment of bootleg Merck Steve Jobs would start in floods after his passing last year, blogs Gadget Lab. But if you were hoping to mark a realistic action Steve Jobs doll, you may be disappointed. The Telegraph reported that apple threatens to sue icons, society Chinese more strangely realistic head Steve Jobs the world action figure (via Techland). Steve Jobs of 12-inch figurine was expected to sell for $99 from February. The standard uniform: towers of glass, black Turtleneck Sweater, jeans and New Balance sneakers. The figurine was also announced to come with a background of "One more thing", so you can stage your own product mini launches. Freaky! / Awesome! Freaky! If the cease and desist letter is to be real and toy manufacturer following combination, written Ubergizmo, that you can expect the price of the Steve Jobs figures already available on eBay for sky rocket.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Red Sonja cosplayer revealed: Mandy (19 Photos)

February 1, 2012 Author: John In: Girls, Hot Women

mandy cosplay 0 The Red Sonja cosplayer revealed: Mandy (19 Photos)

At last year's Comic-Con, a redheaded beauty awed the crowed with an agressive Red Sonja costume. The girl told everybody her name is Mandy, nothing more. Since then Mandy has been Belle of the Cosplayer Chatroom Ball. But little is known about the girl who stepped into the spotlight that day only to make a quick exuent.

So I did some digging. Mandy is a 21 year old fashion student in NYC. One of Mandy's friends tipped eventually tipped me off to her tumblr, The Grind Haus because she said, 'Mandy is so talented and beautiful but isn't in your face about it. She's an amazing person and I think her and her work should be seen."

Good point. Mandy's tumblr here.

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T-Rex trying things (11 Photos)

January 31, 2012 Author: John In: Awesome, Funny, Meme

t rex trying 0 T Rex trying things (11 Photos)

Hugh Murphy has come up with a hilariously inventive blog. It's called T-Rex Trying. Hugh creates simple-yet-funny drawing of a T-Rex trying different things. Hugh is even taking requests. See T-Rex trying anything and everything right here.

Plenty more T-Rex trying things here.

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