Thursday, December 18, 2014

Five Google Services Travellers Should Rely On

From language transitions to mapping service, there are amazing things Google could provide to travellers. The Internet giant is able to provide real-time information for users across different time zones around the world. Current mobile devices come with many different nifty things that can help people during a long trip. Before starting a trip, travellers should familiarize themselves with multiple positive functions that can enhance their experiences. Obviously, no human-made technology is perfect; so travellers should also be aware of any shortcomings of these servuces. Here are Google services travellers should use during their long trips

1. Google Translate: Google Translate supports more than 70 languages, starting from Afrikaans to Zulu. Because reliable Internet connection isn’t always available in remote areas, travellers could prepare by downloading data files for specific languages, so the service can be used offline. Travellers can type a phrase on their mobile device, translate it and show it to a seller or other people. But it is obviously better if travellers use Google Translate to learn a few essential words and phrases, so they can start basic conversations with people in other countries.

2. Google Now: Google Now is a direct counterpart of Apple Siri. Travellers could ask whether they need to carry an umbrella in Tokyo today. This answer will be correlated with real-time weather information. They could also ask “How far is Moskow?” and also find out about local traffic condition, so they can estimate their time on the road.

3. Google Camera: Travelling is also about capturing the scenes in photos and videos. Google Nexus smartphones come with great camera features. Like on Apple iPhone, they allow us to blur backgrounds, add filters and do many automatic features to make our pictures look more awesome. Android devices are pretty capable of capturing moving objects at reasonable details. They also contain the rather useful Android Beam feature that allows two NFC-capable models to transfer multimedia content through simple touches. This technology is a direct enhancement over the legacy Bluetooth-based implementations.

4. Google Maps: Google Maps is probably the most popular Google service used by travellers. It doesn’t only show us locations of objects on the map, but also best routes we should take to avoid crawling traffic. When we are in a large city at other countries and we need to explore the surrounding by taking a walk, we could find out objects of interests in a 3-mile radius from our current location. It is preferable to download maps at home, so we can use them offline to avoid expensive roaming charges. Our Google Maps could be uniquely sprinkled with different recommendations added by our family and friends in Google+, if we also subscribe to the social media platform.

5. Google Admin: Many unexpected things could happen during a trip. The light could get dimmer in a night club and suddenly our prized Nexus 6 disappears suddenly from the table. What if our lost phone contains critical data? Fortunately, the Google Admin service could allow us to restore the phone to factory settings and completely wipe data clean from the internal storage and microSD card.

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