Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Result of Setting Spiritual Goals

In the process of setting spiritual goals, the inner standards that we've got and use can confirm the sort of outcome we've got. Our physical health, our emotional balance, our frame of mind, and our spiritual belief structure can color our decisions. The act of setting goals and following them is often very useful in our life, or it willstartus on a difficult path. Our religious goals and plans ought to be realistic, honest, and clear. After we set goals, our inner complexities come back to the surface and color our decisions. Most often, we get no clue on what lies hidden below our consciousness, however, as shortly as we tend to begin a brand new journey, everything hidden in our nature comes out. The results of goal setting will vary betting on our frame of mind and inner beliefs.

Here are the four possibilities:

Our spiritual goals may end up in deep commitment and quality. After we set our goals victimization Higher Principles as standards, we tend to deepen our religion and commitment to truth. We are able to set our religious goals by having deep religion within the goodness of life and within the principles of the religious Teachings. We are able to have the religion that the love of God and also the nice Ones will see us through our difficulties. We are able to have the read that as our life grows and ever expands, we tend to become an energetic a part of the larger life. We are able to conjointly set our goals with the read that we'll grow and become triumphant despite the difficulties which love underlies everything in life. Such a foundation can propel us into a deeper lifetime of quality.

Our spiritual goals will cause intolerance. We tend to become fanatic once we outline our life goals through our slim definitions and understandings of life; we become liable to mix our fears, frustrations, and lack of religion into our life plans. We tend to discount with God in order that our slim desires are often met. If we've got a low vanity, others simply sway us. If we tend to area unit yearning for one thing, to guide us and provides us self image, we are able to fall victim to fanatics. Fanatics area unit ne'er pleased with their own state of affairs; they perpetually yearn for ways that to control and impose themselves on others. Fanatics have terribly slim, personal ways that of understanding even the foremost lovely and honorable religious principles. If one thing doesn't match into their personal read, then it's judged useless. Fanaticism uses lies and manipulation to attain its own agenda.

Our spiritual goals will cause Protestantism. After we wish to revive the past and base our goals in life on connecting solely to the past, we are able to be stuck in Protestantism. Human life is progressive; its new desires and new keys unravel problems; there are a unit new demand and new aspirations and new solutions. After we stick only to the past ways that of answering things, we don't tend to enable any growth for innovation and creative thinking. Our goals ought to be future familiarized, allow growth and creative thinking, and permit for expression of numerous ideals and beliefs. Our goals cannot be set in reaction to somebody, to counter somebody else, or get even with anyone. Our goals ought to take into account the bequest of the past, and see, however this bequest is often taken in the long term. The past has the spirit of truth in it, and it's the spirit that's used in the new formulations.

Our spiritual goals will overwhelm us. There are a unit occasions, once someone sets goals on a daily basis, gets into some form of discipline, nevertheless when it's slow, he drops out and isn't able to keep in step with his plans and visions. There are several reasons for this: we tend to try and do an excessive amount of, too soon, and that we get discouraged. Our karmic dues could sub the approach. Not active what we tend to learn and continued to assemble data causes congestion in our minds; we tend to overload, and that we stop the attempt. The shortcoming to arrange and range conjointly discourages us. Doing an excessive amount of study in too several disciplines can get us confused. We tend to drop out after we request religious knowledge just for self-gratification and not for service to others. We tend to conjointly sabotage ourselves subconsciously if we tend to feel we tend to don't merit growth and enlargement.

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