Thursday, September 29, 2011

How To Increase Page Rank In Google

How to increase page rank In Google

Google Page Rank is an important thing that webmasters usually consider while buying or selling links online. Page Rank actually determines the quality of the website. The more page rank a website has, the more popular it is. Usually Page rank is directly proportional to the number of back links present in a website. So to increase your Google page rank, your aim should be to increase quality back links to your website.

Ezine or other Article Directories

There are many free directories present in internet, which you can use to build quality back links. It’s a pretty simple process; write quality articles with link back to your website’s URL in the resource box. It would be beneficial for you if you create a profile in famous article directories like ezine and goarticles. It will enable users to return to your profile again and again to check the recent posts made by you. Hence you’ll get both traffic as well quality web back link to your website.

Buy links

You can buy links from various high PR and famous websites which are related to your niche. More higher will be the page rank of the websites containing your website’s link, more preference you’ll get by Google.

Submitting to web directories

Web directories are the most common way to get good quality and high number of back links. Always concentrate on getting link with high PR and famous directories rather than to search numerous dead directories. Submission of your website in quality directories adds a quality link and hence will help you to attain a high Google page rank. However, directories don’t easily accept your site as they first review the quality of your website. If it matches with the quality they are looking for then they’ll give you a go otherwise they’ll simply reject your submission.

Do follow forum Posting

Search various do follow forums same niche as of yours. Be a contributing and reputable member there, add your website’s URL in your signature link. While posting always make post that make sense and prove beneficial to the community.

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