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Top 10 Leading Comic Book Companies Of All Times

Top 10 Leading Comic Book Companies

The Comic Book industry seems to be becoming even tougher as each day passes due to constant competition of the big guys against the little guys. Comic books are a huge deal in today's market and take a toll with society with the youngsters as well as the old at heart. Most recently, there have been quite a few independent comic book companies rising out of the shadows of some of the greatest comic book companies and publishers of all time, which makes this business even more competitive.

Despite all of the politics that the comic book world faces on a day-to-day basis, I wanted to dedicate this article to showcase the Top 10 Leading Comic Book Companies in the Comic Industry.

The first comic book company that I will mention is one of the most influential comic book publisher is "Marvel Comics".Marvel Comics is one of the most leading Comic Book Companies in the United States. Marvel has not only gained the attention of it's fans nationwide, but have also taken the world by storm with their works. Some of Marvel's most notable comic books range from X-Men to Spiderman which have helped Marvel boost up their popularity and fame. Marvel also has some of the most iconic characters such as Wolverine and Phoenix from the X-Men and Spiderman and Mary Jane from the Spiderman comics. One of the most notable thing about Marvel Comics is that most if not all of the fans who love Marvel can completely relate to each character in each comic due to how relatable each character is in each story. In the end, almost each of the characters from Marvel are human and have real human problems that can completely relate to many people around the world.

The next top leading comic book publisher is the "DC Comics" franchise. DC Comics is also one of the most notorious and well-known comic book publishers in the world. With Comic Books and Graphic Novels such as Watchmen, Superman, Batman and Sandman, this comic book company can do no wrong with it's legions of fans all across the globe. DC Comics is known for having characters with god-like abilities as well as characters that don't seem to share the same chemistry with humanity but with this concept, it seems as those the fans really prefer this concept of storytelling. Many fans of comic books believe that when reading a comic book, it's the publisher's job to take the reader away from the daily routine of the real world and instead immerse them with fantasy and make believe.

Another company that is taking a huge leap in the comic book industry is a well-known publisher known as "Dark Horse Comics".This comic book company has come quite a long way in this industry, publishing many original and great titles such as Hellboy, Sin City and even The Buffy comic series by Joss Whedon. Dark Horse has pleased and entertained many of their fans throughout their years and continue to please their fans with more new titles and old titles as well.

The next comic book publisher that is worth a good and honorable mention is Image Comics. Image Comics is another comic book company that has also produced some heavy-hitting series such as Witchblade, Spawn, Savage Dragon and Wild C.A.T.S. Image Comics have even started to become a rival of Marvel and DC Comics due to a competition with sales. At this point, this issue had boosted Image Comics' status.

Next on our list is IDW Comics. IDW Comics had become noticed fairly quickly and become under the radar recently by top company book companies and publishers. Some of their most known work was in Terminator, G.I Joe and 30 Days of Night which have all gained much appreciation and popularity with their fans as well as have Hollywood blockbuster movies attached to these titles.

TokyoPop is an extremely well-known comic book company located in Los Angeles that have created numerous anime and manga titles such as, Cardcaptor Sakura, Magic Knight Rayearth, Chobits and Clover. Tokyopop Manga & Anime have published many best selling manga titles over the world, and has had a great turn out from their fans throughout their years.

VizMedia is also another manga publisher that have also published many best selling titles such as Inuyasha (being one of their best-selling manga titles of all time), as well as Ranma 1/2, The Legend of Kamui and Domo: A Child's Dream.

Icon Comics is yet another comic book company that had launched in 200 with it's mega-successful comic book series, Kick-Ass. Some of their other series of comics include, Casanova, Nemesis and Takio.

Diamond Comics is one of the largest and well-known Comic Book publishers in India. Some of their previous works include Superman, Batman, Spider Man and James Bond. Diamond Comics mainly publish foreign comics with foreign comics but they seem to thrive with their business and success thus far.

Last but not least, Dynamite Comics is a quite new comic book company that have garnished a lot of popularity from the hit comic book series, The Green Hornet. Dynamite Comics was founded in 2004 and since then, this comic book company continued to thrive throughout the years.

In summary the list above are Top 10 Leading Comic Book Companies Of all times:

1. Marvel 
2. DC Comics 
3. Dark Horse 
4. Image Comics 
5. IDW Comics 
6. TokyoPop 
7. VizMedia 
8. Icon Comics 
9. Diamond Comics 
10. Dynamite Comics

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