Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clear Creek ISD

Clear Creek Independent School District

Proudly servicing the educational growth of more than 37,000 students each year The Clear Creek Independent School District is easily one of the most ideal and desirable places in the Greater Houston area to raise a family in. Located along side the NASA Johnson Space center and the beautiful boating waters of the Gulf of Mexico; Clear Creek Independent School District as no shortage of excitement being home to explorers and adventurers. It is also the 29th largest school district out of 1,031 in all of Texas while spreading out through 103 square miles, 13 municipalities, and the two counties of Harris and Galveston. Governed by a high performing Board of Trustees the Clear Creek ISD has seven elected community members that represent the district area. The Clear Creek ISD had confidence; priding themselves in the involvement with their stakeholders making the best decisions in finances and policies with the best interests of children in mind.

Clear Creak Independent School District Staff

Clear Creak Independent School Districts staff is highly motivated and determined individuals who make it their daily goals to provide the best level of customer service for everyone who work and learn from them. Their service departments are located and housed in several facilities throughout the school district. They all are in the constant informed with the stalk holders which helps in the development of unity and trust. With the belief system that every student deserves the access to a world-class learning experience, they respect the partnership that education plays between family, school and the community. The teachers and administration staff are dedicated to providing high expectations to drive a student’s performance and to also help measure the success of the children from the community. These highly intelligent and well trained workers take the responsibility of every student’s learning journey and experiences through bold ideas and amazing communication.

About Clear Creak Schools

Clear Creek Independent School District is home to an abundance of learning facilities comprised of 26 elementary, 10 intermediate and 7 high schools and is currently serving more than 38,000 students. Impressively the district has earned an exemplary rating by the Texas Education Agency. It is always moving forward in a positive direction thanks to the many staff, students and parents who help reach excellent academic achievements with every child.

Elementary School

In Clear Creek Independent School District, The Department of Early Childhood Education provides many great learning opportunities for children who are 3 and 4 years old. Since early childhood education increases a students learning in language, math, literacy and the preparation of a child’s success rate in kindergarten and beyond. By offering early childhood programs to best meet the needs of the community.

Elementary School At Risk and Special Education

The at-risk program, Pre=kindergarten helps prepare children who are identified as at risk for the actual kindergarten class. This Pre-kindergarten program provides a great learning experience to children who are 4 years-old on or before September first and Pre=kindergarten for children who turn 3 years of age on or before September first. Tuition-based pre-kindergarten classes are also an available option for parents with the same rules applied. Yet another wonderful Preschool Program is for children with disabilities. This program is a special education class that meets the needs of students who are identified as needing special education services. It provides quality and careful serves for children with disabilities to prepare the children and parent for what to expect in the education future. The main gold of these early childhood programs at Clear Creak Independent School District is to provide youths with an exemplary experience, within a safe and nurturing environment through the collaboration with teachers, parents and community members that ultimately ensure the programs effectiveness.

Intermediate Options

The Science Magnet Program was founded in 1993 at Seabrook Intermediate School for students in grades 6 through 8. Located in the Clear Creek ISD the school provides a unique science curriculum for every youth while offering additional science electives and opportunities in the enrollment of the Science Magnet Program. The site that the program is located on serves as an additional service learning center for all school in the Clear Creek District. This resourceful learning center includes a living material center and a green house; they both provide live plant life and animals for educational use in classrooms across the district. Even elementary school students in the district may enjoy outreach programs brought to their school through the wonderful living materials center. It is also often used to hold special activities for the Science Management Program and for Seabrook Intermediate students. Webster Academy Visions in Education commonly abbreviated as WAVE was established in 1996, it is an intermediate gifted and talented magnet at Webster Intermediate School. It brings gifted students together from across the whole Clear Creek district as to offer the opportunity for students to interact with their intellectual peers. It also provides a learning environment designed to expand opportunities. Both of these unique programs are designed to challenge and meet the standards of a student’s highly developed mind.

Overall Education and Student Development

With Adequate Yearly Progress the Clear Creek Independent School district prides itself in the success rate of students excelling with class grades and graduating. These schools offer a wonderfully diverse and comfortable learning environment that fits every student’s educational needs in order to achieve academic success through the entire schooling experience.

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