Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Diet Chef Review

Diet Chef!

The site title conveys a clear concise message of what the site is all about. A navigation bar on each page links to more information: "How it Works," gets you to understand the simplicity of the diet meal delivery plan available for UK residents. "Success Stories," are short testimonials from satisfied Diet Chef clients. The "Free Personal Profile," assesses your diet program needs along with their diet plan recommendations. "The Food" pages, show the meals you will be receiving. A colorful graphic on top of the home page, invites everyone to enter a contest to win a "Weekend trip from the UK to New York City."

Along with the title, the sub heading "Diet Chef: Enjoy losing weight," promptly leads you to imagine how it would be to have a personal chef preparing your healthy diet meals. The central picture of Lasagna, looks absolutely delicious and tempts your appetite as well as your imagination.

The first home page paragraphs clearly outline specific prepared meals and snacks you will be receiving in your custom designed program. They also describe reasons behind the varied benefits you get following the weekly diet plan in the 1200 or 1500 calorie programs.

A two Minute Video, relates more about losing weight. Diet Chef clients talk about their diet success and how delicious they found the food. The video intersperses pictures of yummy food and people enjoying their meals.

Checking out the food, Diet Chef’s review of the meal choices is shown in pictures of each and every item you can select for your meals. There are lots of choices. You can pick from 14 breakfast items, 15 snacks, and 4 flavors of Milkshakes. Lunch choices include 18 rich hearty soups or stews. Dinner offers the greatest variety, with 31 main dishes available. There are numerous choices to accommodate vegetarian clients.

Diet Chef offers a money back guarantee of satisfaction. There are also discounts, in the form of up to seven days free meals per month, depending on the length of your program. When you sign up for Monthly payments you get discounted prices, and may qualify for free shipping as well.

When it is time to order: step one is to choose your hamper. A hamper contains four weeks of pre-packaged meals for either a 1200 or 1500 daily calorie meal plan. You also receive Diet Chef’s “All You Need to Know,” 48 page diet and health manual. You must then select your personal meal preferences.

You will need to decide the number of hampers you initially require to obtain the amount of weight loss called for in your diet plan. Committing to specific time periods tends to increase the success of your diet. You are able to have a monthly payment plan when you have a two or three month diet plan. You can also receive additional discounts and automatic shipment of your next hampers.

If you have noticed there is another Country choice: Diet Chef Germany. This companion site, offers meal delivery plans in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

In a “Diet Chef Review” how does Diet Chef compare to other diet programs, or diet food delivery Plans?

One thing that stands out with Diet Chef is the “Free Personal profile.”

After entering your information you are immediately transferred to the profile. There is no tricky business about getting information later by e-mail. The profile gives your weight in kg and the Body Mass Index, for your weight. It approximates the desirable BMI and healthy weight range based on your information. They recommend moderate weight loss based on a 1200 calorie daily diet. Depending on the weight loss you need, they suggest a one, two, or three month meal plan as necessary to fulfill your goals.

Diet Chef is completely honest in their assessments. If your weight and BMI is in a healthy range they will tell you that. They don’t try urging you into the program. If you have a greater amount of weight to lose, they may recommend a 1500 calorie plan, so you don’t lose weight in an unhealthy manner.

Try to investigate UK Weight Watcher programs, and Jenny Craig meal delivery. You will find there is no comparison to Diet Chef. The Diet Chef prepared meals stand out in quality, variety and convenience. Even if you do not count the numerous hidden costs added to Jenny Craig, the regular plans are approximately twice the daily cost of Diet Chef meals.

The important thing you see in Diet Chef, is their integrity. You can tell it by the honest Free Profiles and up front statements regarding the diet meal costs. It is demonstrated most by confident belief in the quality of their products. They offer to everyone the Diet Chef “No Quibble Money Back Guarantee”.

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