Thursday, September 29, 2011

Salt Water Softeners

Basics about salt water softener

If you are using hard water, it may cause you various problems. To start with, you will not get any lather from soap for washing clothes or bathing. This will make you feel sticky and your clothes will look dirty. You might also get problem of clogging in your taps on usual intervals. All these problems arise when there is presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water.

There are various ways to solve the problem of hard water. There are salt water softeners available in the market which can be used for softening the water. The most common way is to use plastic beads which are negatively charged. These beads are actually bonded with any of the salts so that it may weaken the bond of calcium and magnesium in the water. This process flushes the minerals from the water, making it soft and better to use. The entire procedure is done by passing the water into a tank, which has those plastic beads, before storing it in the storage tank. This changes the place of sodium ions with the other ions of magnesium and calcium.

Most of the salt water softeners have potassium chloride or sodium chloride. Since there are various minerals or different types of salts in the water, the salt water softeners depend on various factors. You can find these water softeners for various salts, sizes and capacities. If the water softener is based on sodium chloride, it may increase the level of sodium in the water and eventually raise the level of blood pressure in human body. However, this is not a risky thing if you have normal blood pressure and can use this salt water softener without any doubt. You can also use potassium chloride based water softener. This type of water softener is a little expensive than the sodium chloride based water softener.

If you are planning to choose a salt water softener for your home, it would be better to keep few things in mind. You should check all the varieties available in the market so that the selection may be made easily. It is also essential to decide the type of salt water softener which can be used at your home. Since there are two types of, sodium chloride based and potassium chloride based, salt water softeners available in the market, it is up to you to decide the best one as per your need.

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