Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Genesys Conferencing - Staff Meeting

Genesys Conferencing The Good and Bad

Conferencing is one aspect where bosses have a meeting with their staff and share, clients with the service providers, and any other inter relational meeting. On these platforms the two parties share and exchange resources, visual audio, or digital content. Both parties benefit from this interaction and relationship and its only best that the sessions are recorded and archived. No system goes without a challenge. The conventional conferencing faced various limitations including and not limited to lateness, absence attributed to so many social and economical hurdles, miscommunication and the list goes on. Every problem calls for a solution and that's where Genesys came in.

Genesys offers Meeting Center; a package designed with conferencing in mind. Genesys meeting center is an all round package a service supporting multimedia conferencing where participants can communicate from any location in the world. It supports video, audio and other multimedia formats. Participants need several gargets to be able to fully enjoy the service. Some of these devices are Codec to support real-time multimedia streaming between devices at any location, cameras to stream video, monitors for video projection displaying the parties on the other side, Microphone to relay audio and the connection path between these two parties. This connection is IP supported to relay data between two or more points.

Genesys meeting center does not involve software downloads or nagging plug-in demanding upgrades now and then. These are some of the benefits of using Genesys Meeting Center service. No downloads done; when all devices are setup, its just start and go and the system goes live as long as the other parties are connected and are live. Every kit involved for effective communication is delivered as one package to the consumer. No third party accessories are needed to complete the setup.

Upgrade is done without maintenance or charges levied to the consumer. Genesys ensures that the consumer uses up-to-date systems for effective delivery of services. The consumer is only charged for what they use therefore no licenses and burdening contracts. There are other benefits the consumer enjoys like digital archiving and frequency bundles.

For such a product, there would never lack some drawbacks. These are attributed to the fact that every product has to upgrade to meet the current changing lifestyles. Therefore the developers have to work hard to catch up, without limiting delivery of service. One of this draw backs is the operating system compatibility. The service is only compatible to Windows OS. Therefore other operating soft wares are locked out. Recording and archiving of data for future review is quite a challenge. This is because of expensive archiving devices involved. Having said this, Genesis Meeting Center is still a great solution to Conferencing.

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