Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The 180 Movie Made Me Cry

Warning! this movie has very strong images.  I was watching it feeling a bit angry.  The tyrant Adolph Hitler has surely earned the title of tyrant.  One of the top enemies of humanity.  He killed many people, many Jews.  I can't imagine living in that time as a Jew.  Definitely hard times for that race.

Then, after Ray touched the issue of abortion, I felt a sad.  really! that could have been the 180 turn.  It made cry when it was mentioned that babies are being killed legally.

How could this be?  another holocaust and this time not bound by race.  I hope you all see it in the hopes that make you think about the issue of abortion.

The 180 movie is 33 minutes of shocking information.  Please consider visiting the sites mentioned at the end of the movie.  God bless!

Comments, opinions are greatly welcomed.  Thanks 

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