Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Kid's Guide to Make Money Online

Kids Guide to Make Money

Encouraging kids to make money that takes advantage of their natural entrepreneurial spirit and creative high energy is easier with today’s more sophisticated options. Incorporating what they gravitate too anyways and possess specialized knowledge of, can be invaluable to a number of people willing to pay for this knowledge. The added bonus is that kids get to learn long term business and money management skills that can be applied over a lifetime. And with internet opportunities growing, kids can engage in safe, moderated, preferred activity that instills greater self-esteem, further capitalizing on their aptitudes that keep the entrepreneurial fires burning. The following is a guide for a few opportunities for kids to make money:

• Invest in the stock market with programs specially designed for kids
• Blog about your favorite games, gizmos, interests and sports
• Sell collectibles and hobbies online
• Online task assignments
• Design and sell your own t-shirts
• Write short-stories and eBooks
• Sell last year’s gear to consignment stores

Invest in the stock market with kid friendly programs

The stock market is also a great place for kids to learn about the economy and gain some basic business skills. Programs online include major banks and credit unions that can get kids started with a savings account, lots of kid friendly updates on responsible stocks (nothing invested in tobacco or alcohol) that are of interests to young people and at amounts they can afford. There is customer service and support throughout the process helping kids stay informed, set and meet financial goals, as well as how to select stocks and read a company prospectus to better gauge if the investment is suitable for short or more long term returns. For priceless business experience and money management skill building, this is a great option for kids old enough to read, write, and do basic arithmetic. A quick search on the internet can reveal a host of options, but it is advised that kids start with well-known and well established enterprises like USAA.


Blogging is taking over the internet with earnings to be made for anyone willing to share their knowledge, especially in niche areas that are of interest to many. Examples of this can be working knowledge of video games and systems, to include related gizmos, gadgets and electronics. For specialized knowledge that helps gamers play a better game, get full system connective use out of a new system or offers product reviews, for instance, can be lucrative. With the advertising industry full of paying blog site advertising, by well-known online brands like Google and Amazon, getting paid for attracting people to your website that yield “clicks” or viewers for products and services advertised for sale related to your blog theme, can be done while you sleep. Other lucrative niche areas include sports and hobbies.

Collectible, trading and sales online

Join the growing ranks of individuals making a profit from collectibles like comic books, trading cards, shop models, and even old t-shirts, d├ęcor and game pieces that have gone out of style. Remember that what is junk to you may be a treasure for someone else. Useful selling sites for collectibles would include eBay and Craigslist. For higher end items, like old mp3 players and iPods, sports memorabilia, digital cameras and DVD movies you don’t want anymore, Bidville is another option where people can bid on your items, giving you the highest possible offer from a number of people interested in your old junk. For the artsy hobbyist, there is, where one can buy and sell homemade crafts, gifts, edibles and more.

Online task assignments and work

Some work may be found that is fully sustainable online available for kids in the 13-18 age range such as Microworkers, that essentially requires effective internet research skills. Additional activities may include sifting through blogs, newspapers and websites for specific information then delivering this to an assigned employer. And for kids with specialized knowledge about products they may use every day, there are people willing to pay you to do product reviews and post them to blogs, yours or their own.

Design and sell T-shirts online

Some online retailers have expanded their retail arena to include designing and selling T-shirts through their online websites at no cost to the designing agent. You can open, design and manage your own store online, for free. Although the minimum age is 18 for many of these enterprises, parental consent, supervision and guidance guidelines can bypass this, per company policies that must be adhered to. Overall, this can be a creative and lucrative endeavor for any enterprising kid. A few sites to check out include e-Shirt and Cafepress.


Thanks to the convenience of kindle, and other handheld reading devices, the market is wide open for writers of all ages to contribute material for sale and at no cost to themselves. A myriad of opportunities exist online for creative kids with a penchant for writing and short story telling. Some may require minimum word counts, but in every case, you get to write what you want, and sell it at any price you choose. An interesting how-to pamphlet, book, or short story can sell for as little as $.99, but that can add up real fast in earnings multiplied by the potentially thousands of eager readers that download a wide variety of reading material online every day.

Sell gear, electronics and games to consignment stores

Every kid at one time or another is going to tire of their video games and crave the latest in stimulating new gaming challenges. So why not make a profit off of the video games that have been played to death? Many consignment stores today are specifically geared towards exchange and purchase of used and new video games and related merchandise. Kids can also find consignment for outgrown sports gear and sell it at a discount; easy profit from last year’s games, electronics and sports gear.

Kids are natural entrepreneurs, with endless spirit and high energy. With money making opportunities to include a myriad of internet options, kids can make money in ways that instill confidence, capitalizes on their aptitudes and broad interests and teaches responsible money management and business skills that can be used over the course of their lives; safe, convenient and lucrative are today’s options for kids to make money.

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