Thursday, September 29, 2011

SEO Tips: Keyword Research Analysis

Keyword Research Analysis

Keyword analysis and optimization is one of the most important tasks that you should do before preparing content for your website. Keyword analysis is mainly done for choosing the right and high paying or converting keywords for your website. One of the most important advantages of keyword analysis is that, it can be done by anyone who doesn’t even have the proper SEO knowlegde. Keyword analysis also allows the website owner to use Adwords or other PPC more accurately. If you are going to start a website regarding a particular niche, then before writing articles or posts for your website or blog you must know the actual keywords which you are going to target.

How exactly keyword analysis should be done?

Never rush for anything. Open your website in one tab and your favorite keyword tool on another. I would personally prefer you to use keyword tracker or Google Keyword tool for that. Go through the first page of your website; write the important keyword on a sheet of paper one by one. Use Google keyword tool or keyword tracker to find the global search, competition and CPC of those keywords. Make a list out of that, extract those keywords with high global search and CPC and low competition. If you choose keywords with high competition then it would be difficult for you to beat the competition and to get indexed very high on Google. Always remember, the keywords you are using for your website should be such which easily describe that what the particular article or blog post is all about. Or it should be like the words which come directly in your mind when you are going to search in search engines for that particular information.

How much should your keyword density be?

It is generally said that the more of your keyword density on a particular website, the more chances of getting higher rank in search engine. But overuse of particular keyword in a website leads to search engine predict spamming. In this case, search engines generally ban the website or may penalize them. 3-4% keyword density is always considered to be safe.

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