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California Colleges - CSU Dominguez Hills Overview

CSU Dominguez Hills Overview

Turn back the clocks to a different era. The time is 1960 and the place is Los Angeles, California. The streets have been alive with fire and fights following the arrest of Marquette Frye by California Highway Patrolman Lee Minikus, which sparked a riot, which became known as the Watts Riot, resulting in 34 deaths, 1,032 people becoming injured and 3,438 people being arrested. In the wake of the riot citizens met to discuss what could be done to solve the issues that had caused people to become so irate. One of the areas identified was the need for higher education. California legislators agreed to fund such a college, which was originally to be located in Palos Verdes, California.

Classes begin at California Federal Savings Bank

In 1965, 27 freshman and 14 juniors began their studies in the California Federal Savings Bank in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California. Four sites are discussed for the college. They are Friendship Park, Fort MacArthur, Torrance, and Dominguez Hills. In the aftermath of the Watts Riot, Governor Pat Brown supports the adoption of Dominguez Hills, because it gave the most accessibility to minorities seeking a higher education.

Dominguez Hills First Graduation Class

On October 14, 1965 the California trustees agreed to build the campus at Dominguez Hills. Planning for the new college was started by architects Jones and Emmons. Jones, employed by University of Southern California as an architectural professor, designed the new school. In the design, he chose to incorporate plenty of green space. He also designed the building to use every ounce of available space. Despite some government funding issues the first class graduated on June 10, 1967.

School Motto

That same year the school chose their motto, which is “In learning is brotherhood, integrity and freedom.” The students felt that it demonstrated the attitude of the students on campus. Dominguez Hills was to become the most multi-ethnic college in California. Approximately, one out of four students on the campus is an African American, while almost every other student identifies themselves as Hispanic American. Other ethnic groups represented on campus include Asian Americans, Native Americans and white Americans.

Dominguez Hills Today

Today Dominguez Hills offers 45 undergraduate majors on its campus located 17 miles south of Los Angeles. The college also offers 24 master’s degrees to students along with a number of certificate programs. These degrees are spread across the school’s five colleges which are: • College of Business Administration and Public Policy • College of Arts and Humanities • College of Arts and Humanities • College of Extended and International Education • College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences • College of Professional Studies

College of Business Administration and Public Policy

The College of Business Administration and Public Policy is over seen by Dr. Kaye Bragg. This is the second largest college and has graduated approximately 42,000 students since it was started in 1973. The college is divided into five departments, which are the Accounting and Finance Department, the Information Systems and Operations Management Department, the Management and Marketing Department, the Public Administration Department and the Army ROTC program.

College of Arts and Humanities

Students in this college learn to interpret their world through the use of music, drama, sculpture, literature, historical prose and photography. The college is overseen by Acting Dean Carol A. Tubbs. The college includes a communication department, an art and design department, an art gallery, a dance program, a digital media arts program, a music department, theater arts and dance program, a history department and an English department among its popular classes.

College of Extended and International Education

Students in this college study in areas that interest them most under the tutorage of professors, mainly from other colleges. Most students work to obtain a certificate, which include an entrepreneurship certificate and the exciting new wine expert certificate. This college also offers the OSHA training for those who need to take this course. This college also assists international students attending Dominguez Hills. They also offer several classes for gifted and talented high school students. Many retirees enjoy taking exciting courses from this college.

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

This large college was established in 2003 and is overseen by Dean Dr. Robles. The college is instrumental in providing courses in a variety of sciences, including anthropology, behavioral sciences, biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, mathematics, political sciences, psychology and sociology. The college is home to the Urban Community Research Center and the Center for Urban Environmental Research.

College of Professional Studies

The College of Professional Studies covers three separate schools. They are the school of nursing, school of education and the school of health and human services. Under the school of nursing students can receive their RN degree, their MSN degree, or the MEPN degree. Students in the school of education can learn to teach at any grade level and any subject. They also offer a variety of continuing education courses. The school of health and human services offers several counseling and therapy degrees.

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