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Online Bible Colleges - Top 13 Found

The Top 13 Online Bible Colleges

The Top Online Bible Colleges as determined by that harbinger of good taste and pedantic know how, the Google Search Engine. Who really is qualified to determine the best? That can be a vexing argument and engender as many different opinions as there are interpretations of the bible. Proceeding then with the Google pop culture list of the top online bible colleges…or will we save the best for last, you know who only knows!

This article will focus on giving the reader some possible choices and information and then the ultimate decision as to which is the best will and perhaps must always defer to the reader.

1. The Freedom Bible College and Seminary is number one on Googles hit parade. All of their Christian Degrees are available online and distance learning is a specialty of theirs. They are accredited and that of course is of the utmost importance in your online college education as it is nice to get credit where credit is due.

2. The World Bible School has free bible courses and if that is not in keeping with the spirit of the word then what is? All of the poor huddled masses, (and with the effects of our Great Recession still being felt, this potential student base continues to experience rapid growth) are encouraged to learn and to grow in the word.

3. is another fine site by Trinity Graduate School that continues in the spirit by providing the denizens of the web free online bible and theology courses. Their teaching is tuition free and that is nothing to sneeze at pilgrim. Learn Theology and Ministry online and how sweet is that? Get your Bachelors or Masters Degree.

4. Calvary Chapel Bible College, as in the founding days of America, is on a mission to elucidate the word to the web’s men and woman as it continues to light the way, now made complete in phosphorescent pixels. They want to empower their students to communicate and rightly divide the word of truth.

5. The number five spot is shared by a group of bible colleges. will give you a nice choice of some of the top Christian colleges out there on the web. Men and woman of the faith pulling together their ones and zeroes for Christ. Prospective students should check them out as a good starting point to fulfill their commitment to their faith.

6. Nazarene Bible College offers the best of both worlds; study in the flesh or online. They are regionally and nationally accredited for your online ministerial preparation. They have been and will continue to be the college of choice for many of the devout.

7. Number seven on the hit parade is another tie. is a group of accredited online bible colleges that will continue to enhance the wonderful choices that are offered on this stellar list. When you go to this site, you can explore your freedom of choice. Every site claims to be the best and this one is no different in that respect. Blessed are they that are zealous in a good thing.

8. Baptist Bible College Online,, is a Baptist Bible College and Seminary that offers Christian education online or in the flesh. How well their course will fit with Episcopalians or Protestants will have to be determined by the student and their sponsors.

9. Since it is so daunting a task to choose who is best, we continue to leave that to the popular web search engine Google, because to the victor goes the bandwidth. Google has decreed that number nine is again a tie, which is just as well because after all is said and done, the student must decide for his or herself who is the best because the fashions of this world fade away. claims to have the low down on which is the most reputable bible college. Haven’t they heard? Woe unto you when all men speak well of you.

10. Kings Online Bible Schools rounds out our number ten position. They will provide a solid biblical foundation that eliminates the need to go physically off to Bible College and allows one to stay close to their home parish. Kings believes in the local church. Hence is made manifest the saying, think globally but act locally. They are a ministry of Salt & Light North America.

Note: 11-13 appear on the first page of Googles Search Engine but are ads….

11. They allow you to begin your studies at any time and that certainly is a blessing. After all, when the word of the Lord beckons, do you really have any time to spare? This online learning is a marvelous thing because, even in the brick and mortar bible school, one can get the jitters about meeting all of those new people. With a school like this, such personal hang-ups are minimized. Free information about their curriculum is just a mouse click away.

12. Grand Canyon University is a Christian school whose ad places number two and originating in the wild, Wild West, a uniquely American place for the word of the Son of Man and his dad to emanate from. There you will be able to earn an accredited degree.

13. Kaplan University Online has been a driving force in online education of all stripes for some time. Even in the pre-Internet days you could find them on the back of matchbook covers offering mail order degrees. If the bible thing does not work out then you can switch to welding.

So many great places to study the word of the Lord. How is one to decide? No list, however well researched can or should decide such an important life decision. If one is solely interested in the credentials and not really in the spirit of the word then probably any of the big name colleges, who, in this day and age must offer online courses, will suffice; the bigger the better, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, ect…

If on the other hand, O valued reader Thine faith be true, then and to all…seek and ye shall find.

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