Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Best Security Alarm Companies In The USA

Home Security Alarm Systems

Depending on the type of coverage you are looking for in a home security alarm system, consumers have hundreds, if not thousands of different companies which to choose from. But, choosing a company based on price alone, and just picking the cheapest one, is not the best way to shop for home security. A home security system is intended to provide you, the homeowner, peace of mind in knowing that your family, and your home are being monitored by an insurance agency, in the event of a break in or form of burglary. Choosing a company really needs to be considered by the family, and making sure that the company is capable of providing the coverage required is the biggest consideration to make. So, what are the best security alarm companies for US consumers on the market today?

First off, probably one of the most known names in home security, in the US and in Canada, is ADT. The company is based out of Boca Raton, FL, and is one of the biggest North American suppliers of security alarm, and home monitoring alarm systems to homeowners (and commercial businesses as well). They provide services to over 6 million US consumers. They are well known for community service initiatives and quick response forces if a burglary or theft is attempted upon one of their insured properties. The services offered by ADT include: 24/7 home monitoring, protection from burglary and theft, fire and carbon monoxide protection alarms, and many other services customers can choose from. The Personal Emergency Response offers 24 hour access for seniors, from anywhere in their home, from a two-way intercom. Another specialized service is the ADT Safewatch Videoview which offers remote surveillance allowing customers to see what's going on in their home, whether or not they are there. For quality coverage, a reputable business name, and a business with over 130 years experience, consumers can get more information about ADT from:

Another well known home security alarm system supplier in the US, probably as well known as ADT, is Brinks Home Security Systems. Brinks is not only a US provider, but providers home security worldwide, as well as secure transportation and logistics services (to business consumers). The company provides service to over 1.1 million consumers across the US and Canada. Brinks was founded in 1859, and officially changed it's name in 2003 to The Brink's Company. The home security services were added in 1980 in order to provide quality home security systems, at affordable rates to North American consumers. The company aimed at offering the most coverage, for the lowest cost, knowing that keeping families was it's first priority. Brink's home services include: home alarm systems which combine automated detection and alarms, and offer around the clock access to live security professionals, all across the US. Therefore, whether the homeowner is home or not, somebody is watching over their home. Consumers also have the option of standard or premium security set-ups. The basic system includes: interior sirens, motion detectors and chimes, premium and standard keypads, heat and temperature sensors, glassbreak detectors, wireless remote, and other services (with the premium coverage). Consumers interested in Brink's home security systems can visit to get information on coverage and prices.

AlarmForce is another home security alarm system providing services to the US and Canadian market. The reason it is not as well known as ADT and Brink's, is because it was founded and based in Canada, and only recently came to the US in 1992; additionally, it only covers selected regions in the US (North Carolina, Ohio, and a few other states). But, for consumers using their services, they have nothing but praises about the home security systems, and the security which is offered on their homes. For consumers using their home security systems, claim the two-way voice communication features are the greatest feature of the systems. Additionally, the home security systems offer: motion sensors, door contacts, user-friendly keypad, siresn, and AlarmPlue (a wireless system sending a signal to AlarmForce professionals if a phone line has been tampered with). The company also offers personal alarms for seniors. For individuals interested in AlarmForce security systems, the site offers a comprehensive listing of their home security systems, and other products sold.

One last, least well known, Canadian founded insurer (which also provides service in the US) is Protectron. They specialize in home and commercial security systems, and provide services to 350,000 consumers. The company is very "community friendly" and is involved with families through their Life Safety Program, and other programs to keep children safe on the streets. Protectron offers comprehensive monitoring and security alarm systems, which include full-time monitoring in one of their various centers. The services includes: intrusion protection, video surveillance, access control, personal & medical emergency service, environmental monitoring, and fire protection and smoke detection. This is a great company for consumers looking for a smaller provider of home security systems, yet still offering top of the line equipment. Consumers can learn about the products at

Whether you are looking for the largest alarm companies which offer coverage to millions of consumers; or, a smaller more "localized" company, offering service to select communities in the US, there is a home security alarm system provider for you. This is essential for any family, no matter what the cost of their home, and is a back-up to when homeowners aren't home, that their homes are still being watched over.

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