Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebrity Apprentice Spoiler Alert About Dayana Mendoza

Was watching this clip. Its in Spanish, but at the end the host guy says that Dayana Mendoza will not win on the reality show Celebrity Apprentice.  I think it is really a shame because if anyone has endured much verbal abuse is Dayana Mendoza.  There have been many insults towards her from Lisa Lampanelli.  Someone who does not like her also is Aubrey O'day.  (perhaps its jealousy most of all, because Dayana is 1,000 times prettier than Aubrey; has proven to be very smart doing her tasks on the show; and also she is not one to hold a grudge, be bitter after an argument disrespecting anyone.  She treats everyone with respect.  Overall Dayana is a high classy girl for sure) Once she leaves the show, the others will be much happy.

I would have loved to see Dayana win, but soon she will leave.  perhaps this coming Sunday?  Idk when she will leave, but she will at some point in time. at this moment, she is still on the show.  Once she is off the show, I will stop watching Celebrity Apprentice, because she is the main reason I watch.  What do you guys think?

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