Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Advantages of Fish Oil Supplements for Optimal Health

There are numerous advantages of fish oil supplements such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. They are helpful in improving health and ward off signs of various diseases like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Often the weight reduction programs suggest consuming 3 and 6 Omega capsules for about 3-4 months together with their diet plan. The intake is increased to 8 capsules each day in the start of 5th month. A daily walk of half mile can easily be achieved in mere 10-11 minutes with these supplement capsules. A person covers the same distance usually in 1 hour prior consuming such supplements.

People often suffer from muscular and joint pain and have to use a walker or a supportive cane to make them walk. It is often recommended to the people having such trouble to carry a mobile phone with them in case if they can’t make it a way back home or due to any emergency situations. But with the extracts of fish oil supplements, a patient having such muscular and leg pain can make up to 1 mile walk easily with controlled breath. Later on, a person can double the walking distance in just a day or two with no hassle at all.

Omega 3 and 6 surely nourishes your body and make it strong enough to carry your self in good shape with confidence and most importantly without any assist. You can run on treadmill three and a half mile/hour at your place effortlessly. Moreover, common asthma problems and lower back pains are cured with theses supplements in combination with recommended diet charts and exercises. The whole package gives you the lost motivation to move ahead in life and live up a healthy life style. It is suggested to minimize the consumption of red meat near to 4-8 ounces a week only and to maximize the intake of fish in regular meals of the week. The weight reduction programs further assists you to loose 50 pound in initial 5 months of the diet program, followed by additional 50 pound in weight reduction in the subsequent year. The total time frame is about one and a half year in reducing 100 pounds of your weight.

A body can be further nurtured by adding Omega 9 along with the regular intake of 3 and 6 to your diet, as it perks up a poor health more quickly. The strength and wellbeing is improved with the consumption of all three supplements in the form of capsules or otherwise having the potency of 8,000 mg/day approximately. Internists often suggest continuing the intake of these supplements as they have no major side effects. However, some of the patients do show certain side effects in their health so they should consult their physicians before consuming heavy doses of Omega supplements.

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